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  1. Special election; I don’t want to wade through a heavy ballot.
  2. he primary in August would work.
  3. General Election; it’s when I vote.
  4. It doesn’t matter, I would vote on this issue whenever it appears on the ballot.
  5. Never. I don’t see the need.
  6. Other.
  1. Yes, he’s doing a good job.
  2. For the most part.
  3. No, not at all.
  4. I’m not happy with any of our elected officials right now.
  5. Other.
  1. Yes, always.
  2. Yes, this season.
  3. ’m planning on getting one.
  4. I’m still thinking about it.
  5. No.
  6. I never get one.
  1. On, yes, we watch every nesting season.
  2. Sometimes, especially when the new eaglets hatch or fledge.
  3. From time to time.
  4. We’re new viewers.
  5. No.
  1. Yes, verbal.
  2. Yes, physical.
  3. Yes, years ago.
  4. No, but I know someone who has.
  5. All of the above.
  6. No.
  7. Other.
  1. I like it, I think I will benefit.
  2. Some things are good, others not so much.
  3. I don’t like it; I think only the wealthy will benefit.
  4. I’m not sure; it’s too confusing.
  5. What does it matter? Do these things ever benefit the average taxpayer?
  6. Other.
  1. I plan to spend more.
  2. I plan to spend about the same.
  3. I plan to spend less.
  4. I don’t really budget; it depends on my gift list and the items on it.
  5. I plan to spend less.
  6. I buy throughout the year to spread out the cost.
  7. I don’t holiday shop.
  8. Other.
  1. Yes, always.
  2. Usually.
  3. Sometimes.
  4. Rarely.
  5. No.
  6. I donate regularly, year around.
  7. I would if I could afford it.
  8. Other.
  1. Of course! I do most of my holiday shopping then, both online and in-store.
  2. Yes, I like to look at all the flyers and pick up the best bargains.
  3. Sometimes, it depends on whether what I’m looking for is on sale.
  4. Not really, only if something really hits me.
  5. No.
  6. I don’t shop for the holidays.
  1. Yes, I think our country supports its military veterans appropriately.
  2. In some ways, but I’d like to see more in the way of benefits and respect.
  3. No, we do not do nearly enough for veterans.
  4. Other.
  1. Yes, traffic lights do not seem to be synched to move traffic.
  2. On some roadways, particularly Del Prado Boulevard and Pine Island Road.
  3. No, it’s not signalization, it’s the amount of traffic on the road.
  4. I don’t know; it seems to be the same everywhere.
  5. Other.
  1. Yes, I already have.
  2. Yes, by mail.
  3. I plan to early vote.
  4. I plan to vote on election day.
  5. I’m not sure.
  6. I would if I could but I’m not registered here
  7. No.
  1. Yes, both weekends, every year.
  2. At least once.
  3. Most years.
  4. I plan to for the first time this year.
  5. No, not usually.
  6. Other.
  1. Yes. I?know who I’m voting for.
  2. Some races, but not all.
  3. No, I’m still undecided.
  4. I’m not planning to vote. Why bother?
  5. I’m not registered to vote here.
  6. Other.
  1. Yes, parking convenience is a priority.
  2. No, I don’t mind walking a bit and I like the idea of wider sidewalks and a prettier district.
  3. Maybe. It would depend on how close other parking is to where I’m going.
  4. This issue doesn’t affect me.
  5. Other.
  1. Yes, directly; it affects more than the homeowners who lost their seawalls in Hurricane Irma.
  2. Yes, by providing the option of third-party loans as per the action Council took Monday.
  3. Maybe. If canal front property owners want to tax themselves for a seawall maintenance program, it might be worth consideration for the future
  4. No. Seawalls are private property no different that roofs or screened lanais. It’s a homeowner responsibility.
  5. Other.
  1. Helped, the new Oct. 3 election date provided an opportunity to see how candidates reacted to the crisis.
  2. Hindered, voters are more focused on post-storm issues now.
  3. It didn’t matter; it’s simply a new date.
  4. It doesn’t affect me, I’m not planning to vote
  5. Other.
  1. Very well, including a generator.
  2. Pretty well, we had plenty of gas, water, food and flashlights.
  3. OK, but we ran out of ice and were worried about fuel.
  4. We weren’t prepared, unfortunately.
  5. We didn’t prepare, we left.
  6. Other.
  1. Yes.
  2. No.
  3. I was planning on it but decided to stay.
  4. I wish I could or wish I had.
  5. Other.
  1. Yes, the city needs better drainage.
  2. No, it’s a rare occurrence and the city did a good job dealing with it.
  3. All things considered elsewhere, we should count ourselves lucky.
  4. I wasn’t affected.
  5. Other.


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