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Perverting the free press

November 7, 2013
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

The recent story drawing attention to the press and the president having secret or "off the record" meetings I find troubling. If the press is giving the president a free ride on some of his problems this may be the intended outcome of granting such easy access to the president. I call them secret in that who attend and what is discussed is unknown to other reporters or the population.

With the written word being a very powerful tool in shaping opinion and what is true, is a matter of deep concern. If there are no notes taken it becomes a problem of denial of details revealed, or opined upon.

Why would some reporters be more valuable to the president than others? Are those so privileged reporters advancing the agenda put forth by the president? This shaping of the population's image of the president is reminiscent of the actions taken during the 1930s -1940s by Reich Minister of Propaganda in Nazi Germany, Paul Joseph Goebbels. And he was a master in the performance of his duties!

One only has to view the manner in which some media outlets report situations involving the White House while others fail to expose scandals or other shortcomings.

The press in the United States has a cherished protection not found in other countries. It is a powerful obligation to inform the population as to the matters of this government. They are failing at this task. Only an informed population can elect leaders who will lead the people in a fashion that is in the best interest of the country rather than the best interest of those in the government at any one time. We have survived only because the pendulum of politics here has been able to swing back and forth. If this pendulum is locked on one side or the other we shall become less as a country than we were created to be. The free press must embrace the truth in reporting. That is the obligation but I am afraid that there will be few in the press who can, or will, take up the mantle of truth.

Joseph L. Kibitlewski, PhD.

Cape Coral



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