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Cape Coral property taxes

November 7, 2013
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Today I was looking at my property taxes on line and was surprised, confused, and disappointed. Last year my taxes were $3704.42 and the proposed taxes for this year is $4060.14. An increase of $355.72. This would be understandable if the value of the home were going up, but it doesn't seem that it is.

My next move was to look at the increases and try to understand why they were going up. This was the beginning of my confusion. To begin with the millage had gone up about 2 percent. It seems that this was a necessary increase in order to balance our budget. I have watched the debates for the Council people and mayor this year and noticed that all of them were in favor of an increase with the exception of our current mayor. Mayor Sullivan seemed to think that we should be more efficient with the money coming in rather than taxing the people who already live here.

To list some of these increases, please read on. Local school tax increase $16.43. State law tax increase for schools $41.85. City of Cape Coral tax increase $79.46. Hazard protection (whatever that is) $.36. Library tax increase $44.96. Waste disposal increase $.07. Mosquito control increase $6.33. Inland navigation increase $.16.

The following three items did not change. I feel sure that the money is being well spent, but I wish I knew what they were doing with it, considering that I have to pay for it each year. SFWMD-all $30.22. Everglades construction $10.53. Okeechobee basin $32.96. If someone could explain to me what they are doing with my $73.71 on these projects, I would certainly appreciate it.

I feel sure that there are many of you out there who understand what all these things are being used for but would someone please be kind enough to explain it to me?

Mary West

Cape Coral



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