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Turn around is fair play

May 3, 2013
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

The Ordinance on the Public Service Tax was poorly written and poorly conceived! Nowhere is there an exemption given for our disabled veterans of war? As it stands right now if they are disabled veterans they do not pay property taxes because of their war-related injuries. Conversely, they would be required to pay the Public Service Tax! If you cannot get it from their right hand then you reach for their left hand!

This tax on our electricity usage potentially puts the brakes on our realty markets which has been thriving of late and makes our real estate considerably more difficult to sell

There was no research into the increases in property values that ultimately will bring in tens of millions in additional revenue to the city without any increase in the millage or the Public Service Tax.

Local businesses will pass this cost along to the residents through price increases. LCEC will pass their costs along to their customers

This Public Service Tax cannot be used as a Schedule A deduction on the Federal Tax Form 1040

What about families that use more electricity because of kids in the home and are just getting by? What about people that own older homes without all the energy-savings features of a newer building? What about all of our residents on fixed incomes that just don't have another dollar to spare?

This ordinance should have been tabled until more research was done!

The Slick Six had their vote last night and we get to vote in November! Turn around is fair play, don't you think?


Lynn Rosko

Cape Coral



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