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The devil is in the details

March 9, 2013
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Well, it seems the devil has called back one of his own a bit early down South America way. According to reports his last breathless words were, "I don't want to die." Wonder how many thousands uttered those words under this man's brutal regime?

A true USA hater, personal friend, idol, and mentor of our celebrity President and Sean Penn, came to power with little and under the typical far left socialist guise of "helping the poor" became very wealthy leaving over $2.2 billion in his estate.

Far as I can see, the poor are still very poor, the dead and tortured are still very much dead, and now the reins have been handed over to another far left anti-American that has stated the USA gave El Presidente his cancer in a covert operation.

An apology from the White House (or golf course) should be forth coming at any moment and a full investigation panel headed by Eric Holder and VP "Shotgun Joe" Biden will be sending up drones nationwide to look (in your window) for the culprit.

Once "they think: they found him, President Obama can just zap him from the White House saving taxpayer money on due process and a trial guaranteed by that pesky old outdated document socialists all across the fruited plain love to hate, our Constitution.

God bless the few remaining patriots in Washington like Senator Rand Paul for standing up for our Constitution and against tyranny.

Join the NRA Today!

Henry Tunison

Cape Coral



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