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Possible hidden agenda?

March 7, 2014

To the editor: First, he wanted a recount. Then he claimed the local election process was suspect and flawed and demanded a redo....

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Mar-24-14 2:43 PM

Packer in return for the imported job we get 2.5 people. We get a new or empty home purchased we should if it is done CORRECTLY get tax money at all levels to all agencies to divide the burden on those already here. This I agree is not totally working correctly here especially in Cape Coral because of the overbuilt infrastructure they have created. Lee County and most other communities in the state of Florida has a much better ratio spread of income to taxation.

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Mar-18-14 5:57 PM

Holy Cow! we have RAGs moaning about the lack of Army Corp in the area for lack of spending -- at the same time complaining that we are not paying enough to bring them. As a family member of a KIA, I resent you using the military and our veterans for YOUR FOUL PERSONAL PURPOSES. Shame on you and all the miserable a-holes that take advantage of the spirit and bravery of American Veterans! RAGs, (Dile, Sullivan,Keehn, Morrisey, Rosko, Brand, and others)! May you rot in*****for taking advantage of the valour of others!!

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Mar-13-14 1:39 PM

The reserve base is not yet active, thus, those that will be assigned there have no reason to relocate to the Cape.

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Mar-13-14 1:38 PM

Lolita: what you say is true about KC's having been behind in their rent. They did pay it as I understand it. We now have a new tenant that hasn't paid anything since they signed the lease agreement. Is there something that was hidden in the lease agreement that would allow them to not pay rent until they open? That is something I don't know about. Will they be required to pay the past rent obligations, or will this council, through resolution, forgive that? Only now, it's reported, that there are concerns over parking at the venue. Who didn't look at this prior to awarding a lease for a venue in a location that had insufficient parking. There has always been an issue of parking in the yacht club area. Are the boaters going to lose their trailer parking again? We do pay for the trailer parking with either a daily fee or a yearly fee for residents. The Reserve base is supposedly under construction.

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Mar-12-14 1:24 PM

/Someone please look up the former contract for the Yacht Club and how months went by without payment and the City stayed the course. Do your homework for a change.

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Mar-11-14 2:25 PM

Ask Deile, Council Member in attendance and responsible for all that, about the reservists, etc. It was his baby, dear. He said "build it and they will come".

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Mar-10-14 10:37 PM

Psst...lightswitch...when you resort to name calling, you already lost the battle. Bless your heart....I'm the ONE with the letters behind my last name. Tee hee hee.

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Mar-10-14 5:19 PM

Hey Lynn... I wasn't talking to you! Lightswitch = DimWit... Although appropriate for you, it was not aimed at you.

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Mar-10-14 2:23 PM

Kristen with logic like yours you'll be putting more letters after your name DUMB is more than adequate for you.

Three years ago why was Cape Coral not in touch with thias or any other distributor of note. Did we not have a Dept of Economic Development? Were we not paying for salaries, equipm3ent and expenses 3 years ago or 10 years ago? Just more mismanagement, lack of follow up and you can't blame a city manager who was there for 1 year. The guy that was there for 7 and the guy that has been there for almost 2 Szerlag. Let's see if he sticks around for the next budget.

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Mar-10-14 2:14 PM

Lynn, it is Ray's contention that the $100 million spent on Del Prado Blvd North was another screw up and not necessary. Need we mention the council that pushed that forward? Ask Mrs. Bertolini if you care to know, but I think you do know. Ah Cape Coral moving forward for 40 years but not really knowing how it is done. When 8% of real estate tax is being paid by business and 92% by residential one sees things don't change. Well maybe when the State Audit is completed in Hampton, Fl. the state can begin a new one here?

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Mar-09-14 11:49 PM

How long has the venue been CLOSED? Tell us Sandy. Show us how the increase in monthly rent is not going in the RED every month it has been closed. Tell us how long it is going to take to turn the TOTAL losses into a PROFIT for the city. I can tell you work for the city and don't have any concept of paying bills even to break even. But hey. We all understand if the bonus had not come through how many of people like you think could not have paid for all the extra taxes and fees. Growth? It remains to be seen what it actually has brought in Cape Coral. More government and larger deficits! The state is finally seeing the endrun on the 10 point millage rate. The trip to Tallahasseee should be interesting this year!

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Mar-09-14 7:52 PM

lightswt, is scared to death of the positive turn away from crony capitalism.

If the working class gets representation first the small business will thrive and build a sustainable economic growth. Hertz, Comcasts, electric utilities and sports team billionaires take control of government and it works for them, not the people. Small businesses recycle their profits locally and don't offshore profits to evade paying their share of taxes, like the giants. Every Hertz job that was imported or created here cost us over 200,000 dollars.

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Mar-09-14 3:08 PM

A..H... Packer, I never said any such thing!

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Mar-09-14 2:35 PM

Hey DimWit... Expand on the food service distributor for us... Please enlighten us... Do you really think that logistically that would ever work? Are you implying that the fact that the food distribution warehouse or Hertz never came to Cape Coral is Mayor Sawicki's fault?

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Mar-09-14 11:50 AM

If there, which I do not believe is the case, it would not be in the Cape

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Mar-08-14 5:35 PM

Ray it was my understanding that the industrial park abuts 41 north of Del Prado

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Mar-08-14 5:33 PM


I think the closest is Andalusia, which is 17 miles to the interstate at Tucker's Grade. That is a pretty long congested route, compared to along side in Punta Gorda

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Mar-08-14 4:19 PM

Kirsten I believe there is an industrial park in the area of 41 with fairly quick access to 75, as I recall.

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Mar-08-14 8:12 AM

By "missed out on a food service distributor who is building a large warehouse hub and 400 employees", I assume you are referring to Cheney Brothers? That hub has been planned in Punta Gorda for at least three years and, to the best of my knowledge, Cape Coral was never at the table. Cape Coral does not have the fast and easy access to I-75, US 41 and wouldn't be a good option for a transportation hub. So how did we 'miss out'? Can't miss anything you never had.

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Mar-07-14 11:20 PM

@lightswitch: LIES, all LIES!!! But I love the fact that you are upset and piXXed-off...Bwahahahaha!

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Mar-07-14 11:09 PM

How we doing at the Yacht Club boys and girls. They negotiate a BIGGGGG lease for about $1,600 a month more. Except the catch is they shut down a viable business and are not taking receiving any rent. In season and will not recoup the entire lost revenue THEY have created. Also 22 new hires are not going to effect the water and sewer rates. But the money comes out of the water & sewer fund which they robbed last year for land and who knows what that has nothing to do water & sewer in its entirety!

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Mar-07-14 11:01 PM

Growth? Are you kidding? The city missed out on Hertz, missed out on on the Hertz Kiosk, missed out on a company that made ice, and missed out on a food service distributor who is building a large warehouse hub and 400 employees. All good paying jobs with benefits. Who is responsible for following the Dodge Report? Evidently not the mayor, too busy in Boston and Washington *we will see nothing productive coming from those trips soon or in in the future.), not the high powered Dept. of Economic Development, (a City Manager John Szerlag expenditure). The baboons are laughable at best. Donnell stating "good things are coming to Cape Coral". When Doc when? I haven't heard anything about North American Industries, how about the U.S. Army Engineering group with all the reservists to move here eat a restaurants, stay at motels? Face the real facts everything the present city council has touched has turned to dust,(sh**). Any private venture is under their estimates as usual.

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Mar-07-14 4:35 PM

Mr Hopgood... what caught my attention was the people that allowed this crazy vindictive gang to bully those around them and walk away with smirks on their faces. When the bullies were voted out, the tune started changing.. Now the smiles are on those that worked hard to make a real Positive change. There is no turning back the growth of the Cape and the prices of Homes are climbing at a good speed. Life is Grand in Paradise

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