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Inmates running the asylum

December 5, 2013

To the editor: Well, what do you know, elected officials are testing the political winds and expressing that Congressman Radel needs to resign....

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Dec-07-13 4:50 PM

Julie Stevens you can't really be against any individual using our legal system to question a right from wrong. Do you?

It is within the boundary of the law that in this case a law suit can be requested on a political election outcome. A judge will look at what is presented and make judgement on the validity of the law suit to continue or not continue.

What can you possibly have against using the laws of this Country to settle a dispute? As our city attorney has stated on more than one occeion. "Anyone can sue anyone over anything they so choose." Court costs are covered by the loser. If it is Sawicki it will be the Democratic Party. If it is Sullivan it probably will be him. The main issue is do we have a screwed up electronic method of voting in Cape Coral, Lee County or maybe even the state of Florida.

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Dec-07-13 2:14 PM

Not only are the inmates in charge in DC, they're in charge right here in good old Cape Coral. Need I name names? How about this? We've got a council (and mayor) with absolutely no administrative or political experience, an ex-mayor suing the new mayor because he thinks he might have won, an attorney who's not even a party to the case allowed to interfere in the fire assessment case, an arbitrary new tax slapped on our electric bills without any input from the taxed . . . need I continue? It's an asylum, all right, and the nut cases are in charge. I vote, Lolita. I hold my nose and vote. And, Will, please, with the "stone" BS. If you simply read the whole biblical account and had a little understanding of the societal categorizations of that time, you'd know it's totally inapplicable to the Radel Racket.

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Dec-07-13 12:53 PM

Sorry. First word should have been What.


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Dec-07-13 12:52 PM

We part of all of this do we, the people, not understand. We, as a City, do not even go to the polls, yet, here we are all "experts" on any subject. Right now, the seat is vote for us....stagnant politics at its best. Sad.

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Dec-06-13 8:23 PM

This letter shows why no one should ever listen to Dick Kalfus! Is he the pinhead that he always talks about?

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Dec-06-13 5:18 PM

I am glad that no one knows the secrets of all the people that are condemning Trey. As the artical brought out. No one has condemned any crooked politians for all the wrong and wicked things they has done in the past,lying, stealing, adultry.., Must I go on ? But let a republican get arrested with an addiction and the people are ready to stone him. Let me say what Jesus said to the woman that they were going to stone to death. " Let him without sin cast the first stone " I promise there is not one person in this county worthy to do that !!! Rep. Radel I will support you 100% you and your family are in my prayers.

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Dec-06-13 3:53 PM

Mr. Kalfus, you said Trey Radel is a “bright and talented human being “. I wouldn’t categorize what he did as being very bright. If this is a demonstration of the kind of character and decision making he brings to congress, wouldn’t you say the people of this district have 3rd rate representation? Sorry, Trey Radel must be replaced and the sooner the better.

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Dec-06-13 8:30 AM

Mr. Kalfus.. tell that to the people that trusted him and gave thousand of dollars in good faith for his 2014 campaign.Only days after his cocaine bust. Throw out all the smoke and mirror, misinformation and mistruths tactics you wish but the reality of the matter is: HE BROKE THE PUBLIC TRUST..

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