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Silence of the media

November 27, 2013

To the editor: Since the story of Trey Radel broke, the liberal media has been replete with its extensive coverage of a GOP politician....

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Dec-07-13 2:23 PM

BillyBob put down your banjo and the Bud for a minute...I have no clue what you are talking about..You made a foolish statement that the tea party was an extremist group..I said that's stupidly silly and can prove it..your rants in other directions seem bizarre and certainly unconnected. Choosing sides? what?? You got off on a jag.. You win!?? You're lost BillyBob not sure if its breeding, environmental factors, or cheap booze. Try and stay off the roads for the publics sake and Merry Christmas!

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Dec-06-13 8:47 PM

DOAidiot you seem to think that each person has to pick between one of the two majority sides and stand behind what ever they do. People like you are sheep. I don’t like the majority of the sitting republicans or democrats now. Just because someone does not like the Tea baggers does not mean they like the left wing extremists in Obama’s group. Try thinking for your self and stop letting others tell you how to think, if you are capable of that.

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Dec-06-13 2:40 PM

JustAnotherBillyBob..I read your post...its still inaccurate, well a lie..The Tea Party is not and never has been a "Right Wing Extremist Group" as you wrongly state..Thats just low IQ nonsense that you have bought into from obumoTV...If you had the self respect to get off the couch and the Bud(yuk)long enough to do actual research you would realize you are just repeating the criminal obumo's propaganda. You actually believe the "Gov Shutdown" was caused by evil Republicans too, don’t u BillyBob? lol..Do some real research and stop embarrassing yourself spewing inaccurate nonsense. IMPEACH-REPEAL-JAIL obumo 2014 NATIONAL CRIMINAL DISGRACE

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Dec-05-13 7:17 PM

DOAidiot apparently you struggle with reading comprehension. Maybe you should reread my post.

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Dec-04-13 2:55 PM

JustAnotherBillyBob How is the Tea Party a "right wing x-tremist group" What nonsense BillyBob. You've spent too much time watching Boozy Chris Matthews or that clown on the View in a burlap bag, Whoopie. Lets see, those evil Tea party people want - limited Federal gov. - Not spending more then we make - strong military in the face of worldwide terrorism - Abiding by our Constitution and laws - secure borders - a president thats not a serial liar, a racist, and a hater of the USA - a president that does not SPY ON EVERY WORD WRITTEN and SAID - a president that dosent use the IRS against citizens of the USA - All sounds like common sense there BillyBob..Please explain how that is "right wing extremism"? I think borrowing 50 cents of every USA dollar spent while King Bumo spends like water and the Fed keeps on printing,thats pretty X Billybob or dont you think so? How bout MILLIONS losing healthcare and jobs? Not extremist Billy? Wake up BillyBob. IMPEACH 2014

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Dec-04-13 2:22 PM

Families USA Who? 150-160 MILLION by next year-screwed out of insurance by obumcare. The real pain of obumcare STARTS next year. This is nothing. USA hater Soros first got in bed with the Disgusting Clintons during their reign to produce hillarycare which America rightfully rejected-now he's back and its called obumcare. Mr Soros has his hand spread like a spiders web all through the criminal administration of the totally incompetent obumo. Obumos czars ALL heavily funded through Soros's many many fronts, such as the tides foundation. All anti-American to their core. All designed to bring down the country. Obumos intentional destruction of this country that he hates so much may be halted sooner than expected with 50 cents of EVERY DOLLAR SPENT..BORROWED. Using credit cards to pay off credit cards to pay off more credit cards can't last forever before collapse. The Fed keeps on printing. If ANYONE is a nut bag, its those utter fools that support the criminal obumo

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Dec-04-13 1:44 PM

Your comments about the President are real nut baggery. Families USA's finding of 0.6 percent (people under age 65) was based on data showing that only 5.7 percent of the nonelderly population have individual health coverage and that just 29 percent of that group have family incomes that are higher than the limits for subsidies.

Obviously your source left out a decimal and added a zero. It’s 1.5 mil not 150 million (half the population of the country).

See why we think you folks are nuts?

Soros is one donor that plays both sides and gives some to dems. Adelson alone, doubled him. *******marcellusdrilling****/2013/06/george-soros-plays-both-sides-of-fracking-issue-for-profit/

You okay with him backing fracking? I’m not. Point is a few with deep pockets are picking our legislators, who legislate for them not the working poor.

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Dec-04-13 10:49 AM

anti-corp get off your pompous all knowing socialist crack pipe and quit quoting Saul's book line by line. Just something I’ve heard repeated on the radio? I’m obviously "working class"? What a load u is "small time”? OMG, what crack in the rock do you live under? You obviously need to get your working class crack to the classroom of truth, which for someone that says that political lying is ok, will be very difficult to face. Next year if this PRE-PLANNED obumo disaster is allowed to continue it’s estimated now that over 150 million more will lose their health insurance. Along with that will be a huge shift towards part time work forcing folks to work multiple jobs just to stay even. Which will be even harder under the increased costs of bumocare along with vastly decreased medical care. Parse that for us anti-logic. Bumo care is designed to do two things. Disrupt the economy and destroy private health insurance. IMPEACH-JAIL-OBUMO 2014

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Dec-03-13 9:20 PM

DOAshrimp - try to keep a crack of your mind open. The Soros craq is just something you've heard repeated hundreds of times on the radio. He's a crony capitalist corruptor just like the Koch Brothers, EXXON, FP&Ls and Wall Street in general, only he is small time compare to Sheldon Adelson.

You’re obviously working class like the rest of us. It's time we stop carrying the water for the fat cats to take it all, leaving less for the folks that take a shower when they get home from work.

No one can survive in politics and business with having every word they speak parsed. It says in the ACA you can keep your plan. Insurance companies have been cancelling plans sense forever. They could have augmented them. It’s easier to cancel. I’m a retired FFPM and had my insurance canceled ever other year for two decades. I lost my doc (I was his 12th client 20yrs ago) before the ACA. Both Libs and Cons non-profit ripoffs were hassled by the IRS. There were more Con applicants.

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Dec-03-13 9:54 AM

Yes anti-sense we are living in a fully repressive system, I agree. We have a serial lying fraud as president, controlled by Soros and his personal hatred of the USA. A totally corrupt news media. Its fact the criminal obumo has used the IRS to target opponents, Its true that our every text tweet email and conversation has been recorded..that pretty repressive I agree..A president that despises our Constitution and slimes around it and every possible chance. A racist that wants to give away America to millions of illegal invaders to get a vote to grow power for the DemoSocialist Party not to help anyone or the USA. Now FULLY known that everyone knew that obumocare would be a total disaster THREE YEARS AGO - yet the serial liar obumo told us hundreds of times we could keep our doctors and policies. Yep, thats pretty repressive anticrap, I agree. Losing the 40 hour week down to 29 hours? Repressive? IMPEACH JAIL DEPORT OBUMO 2014

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Dec-03-13 9:32 AM

Excellent LTE Doc...Shame ole Trey let everyone down with his drugging. But many people even like Dear Leader obumo for example got caught up in years of drug abuse. I grew up with real news real reporting. The control of the media by Soros, Westinghouse, etc. has been key in promoting the completely criminal activities of obumo. With out a fully corrupt media on his side guiding the mostly stupid there would be millions in the streets calling for his head. Disgusting1, Bill, Julie, 1sandy..Why in the world would you want to continually parade your unending ignorance and incredibly immature comments, in print for all to see?

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Dec-02-13 2:04 PM

"who died? Who lied?"

You would know (if you had a conscience) that many people die from the "unintended consequences" when they break their backsides trying to eek out food and shelter in a system that is as repressive as ours. People in the Koch party fight a living wage and kowtow to the wealthy/corporations with legislation that makes is easier to treat the working poor like disposable commodities.

They want Maquiladora working conditions in America and no accountability for turning our environment into a toxic inferno. The Radel’s (Amy and Trey) lied through their teeth. Both were hired liars for Fox and WINK and Trey was a most vile shill for the Tea(Koch) Party. They would deny health care to others that do honest work for a living while they sup at the public trough like ticks.

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Dec-01-13 7:36 PM

Good one, Sandy1! Reminds me of an old joke - we all know what BS stands for; MS is "more of the same" and PhD is "piled higher and deeper." I like your style!

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Dec-01-13 3:07 AM

Oh me, oh my. Dr. Kibbles and Bits is at it again. Somehow he can connect this sordid Radel story with his favorite bedtime stories: Benghazi, the IRS, Fast and Furious and last, but certainly not least, Scary, Scary Obamacare. It is truly amazing how, no matter the subject, the good Doctor can wind it all back to his favorite "scandals." Really?

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Nov-28-13 9:53 AM

Response to "1sandy." What a curious comment to make. I wonder why you posted it.

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Nov-28-13 9:01 AM

Yep, spoken like a true nut, let us take bad behavior and defend bad behavior. What does your PHD stand for, Permanent Head Damage?

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Nov-28-13 7:22 AM

First of all a true Republican does not consider the “Tea Party” as part of the Republican Party and they should be their own independent party. The right wing extremist Tea Party along with the left wing extremist on the other side both seem to lack common sense and be stuck on their extremist objectives. This situation is the cause of the huge mess in DC which is the fault of us the voters. In my opinion we need to get more moderates from both sides in control and put some common sense in our government.

Oh, and it would not matter which side some idiotic congressman comes from that is buying and snorting cocaine, that person will see the same level of ridicule. No one wants to hear how the Tea Party is being mistreated.

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