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Some never learn

October 31, 2013

To the editor: In an opinion piece regarding candidates and the Swim Center, printed in The Breeze on Oct....

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Nov-04-13 6:32 AM

Switch, Must be nice trying to lodge blame upon a group of people for all the ills of the world. Especially when you give yourself the luxury of blaming this very same group while pointing at years they just may have no association with, but that is your way.*****the facts, just throw bombs with absolutely no factual back-up. Mr Switch Inuuendo should be your moniker here, or perhaps Switch the Cherry Picker. I know a city employee who makes 24,000 per year, how much do you want to take away from that poor soul who is trying to support a family of 5, how much Switchy?

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Nov-03-13 7:17 PM

CapeCoralCuestions we do not know what your job is. However tell us what the pension is worth and how much of that $33K you are investing in it. Reaffirm that is has a guarantee every single year. How much is that? Tell us about your medical insurance. How much is that costing out of the $33k? Tell us about the overtime pay. If none last year how about in the years 2003, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, by year through 2012. Probably the biggest question if you are treated so poorly why do you stay? Why not Ft. Myers, Bonita, Ft. Myers Beach, Sanibel, Alva, Lee County. If it is about being upside down on your home. THAT I CAN UNDERSTAND. Oh and if you want more go see the chiefs of police or the fire chief Big Bill. I think that is what you have been partially paying for out of your $33K With the rest of us fools that allowed untrained people to put labor contracts together and let labor unions more than thrive as monopolies in the government service sector!

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Nov-03-13 10:15 AM

Packer....nailed it!!!!! Mrs. Rosko, surely it must be a miserable existence hating others with such venom simply because they do not hold your views. I do not harbor any ill will for you at all. In fact, I find myself garnering pity for you on a regular basis, wondering what could have possibly happened to you in the past to create such hatred towards fellow human beings. I will pray for you.

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Nov-03-13 9:50 AM

WINDY never stops, just keep talking and talking twisting your head around just like when he was on Council and the people said goodbye Jim at the polls!


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Nov-03-13 7:11 AM

Vote for Sawicki, Burch, McGrail, and Leon for honesty and integrity.

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Nov-03-13 6:51 AM


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Nov-02-13 10:48 PM

I know this to be a fact!! Mr Burch never once stated he didn't know how his signature got on a document, nor did he stoop so low as to the theatrics we have witnessed. His behavior never once caused others to suffer. We watch all of our council people go through security scans now, all because of one.

Dimwit... You dare to compare Sullivan to Burch? Really?

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Nov-02-13 8:46 PM

It is a disgrace that this city is complaining about the high-end of our pay scale being $33K! Who will come to work here for that kind of money and those benefits? There was a time in this city when you couldn't pay someone ENOUGH to work here-- and we are rapidly approaching that effect again! When you want exceptional talent, training, knowledge, etc., and none apply, Blame Dillie&wife, Brand&wife, Kuhn, Sully, Leest, Scott Morris, Steve Crane, larry Barton, Muriel(LYNN)Rosko, Joan Rose, Chuck Lipstick,tatoo Tony Elia,Gary King,Jim&Patty Martin, Cataldi, Williams, Headd, Barry Barnes,. When you are afraid to walk in your streets, fear your kids being alone, have to parks or playgrounds. THANK THE PINHEADS ABOVE!

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Nov-02-13 5:43 PM

Lightswitch states: "...they have some of the highest paying jobs this city has to offer...There medical is a bargain as compared to many in the private sector..." I do not believe having a job for $33,000 a year being highly paid. If their benefits are so great, why is a family member covered under their spouse's insurance? It is an exceptional few that are allowed to work any overtime. The city employees have not received raises for years, excluding the one-time "bonus" they received this year. In fact, they had cut, after cut, after cut, furlough, after furlough. There are very few who make high pay levels. I would never work for the city because of the lousy salary.

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Nov-02-13 10:17 AM


What I see are those, like yourself, who, 20 years ago would never take the "menial and low paying jobs" of government. You missed the boat and now wish to take it all away. Should have taken the jobs, like they did that came with benefits. They worked extra jobs to supplement their incomes, etc. Now, you want it all back while you were in corporate America. Everyone, here in this great Country, had opportunities, chose one side or the other. You can twist and turn all of the statements that you don't agree with, but you have great trouble when others excel and you didn't, choosing one path or the other. Everyone is entitled to try for a home, etc. That will be harder in this economy. Just holding on will be difficult. Sorry, you missed the boat 25 years ago.

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Nov-02-13 6:18 AM


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Nov-02-13 1:24 AM

I learned well from experiencing Burch as a leader, Councilman and Mayor. What a wonderful job he did not do. He was involved in the period of prior to the economic melt down and during. He knew building permits had dropped off the face of Cape Coral's growth cycle, knew that water usage and shut offs were going through the roof and Lee County Electric was turning off electric accounts like never before. His solution SPEND THE CITY OUT OF RECESSION. He takes part of the responsibility for forging ahead with a $145 million north water plant. Interestingly enough he knew to sell his business that had done design work on the water/sewer projects going on at the time. Took the position with no vote on the biggest project at the time in the U.S.. Irresponsible to be able to have thew ears of those that did have the vote and he did not. With this going on in the city and one of the greatest problems in the city he sold the taxpayers short. He was no benefit then and is no benefit n

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Nov-02-13 1:08 AM

Lolita is that what you see among the city employees? Poor wages? No benefits? No retirement package?

You can't be that dull to see they have homes, they have cars, they have boats, they have some of the highest paying jobs this city has to offer. They have time off, overtime, special pay, they have ALL the equipment provided to them. There medical is a bargain as compared to many in the private sector. The employees in this city are not in any way exposed to a lack of numeration for what they do. Why is it we do not see throngs of these employees heading for other cities?

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Nov-01-13 9:21 PM

Man, if Burch is elected, council meetings will run past midnight and McGrail and Donnell will have to give up their day jobs!

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Nov-01-13 7:50 PM

Turn off your switch, switch. Are employees not entitled to have the American Dream of home ownership? Is that only reserved for you and your? This is America Sir....Burch will win and will vote and bring order back to the council. Get ready for it Switchy.

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Nov-01-13 7:28 PM

Never have I seen someone so allergic to facts as YOU Mrs. Rosko.

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Nov-01-13 7:27 PM

Does the following definition remind anyone of someone?

Definition from Nolo’s Plain-English Law Dictionary: Perjury The crime of intentionally lying after being duly sworn to tell the truth by a notary public, court clerk, or other official. This false statement may be made in testimony in court, administrative hearings, depositions, or answers to interrogatories, as well as by signing or acknowledging a written legal document (such as an affidavit, declaration under penalty of perjury, deed, license application, or tax return) known to contain false information. Definition provided by Nolo’s Plain-English Law Dictionary. Well?

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Nov-01-13 5:41 PM

I am not real impressed with Burch but I watched the city debates. I wish there were a better option but the debate did sway me to vote for Burch rather than Headd. Headd just does not seem up to the task. Also based on the debates I don’t believe Sawicki, and especially Leon is up to the task. McGrail’s past performance proves he is not. So I voted Sullivan, Leetz, Burch, and Williams. The sad reality is I am not overly impressed with any of them but these seem to be the lesser of the two evils I had to pick from in each race. Something needs to change to attract higher quality candidates.

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Nov-01-13 5:13 PM

Switch and Rosko.

Today's articles re: bond validation document, etc. Leetz and Sullivan are back tracking trying to find a way out. We'll show them Tuesday.

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Nov-01-13 4:27 PM

Here we go again with another book by Mr Burch. There was a reason he lost the last election that he entered. I guess he forgot that!


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Nov-01-13 3:37 PM

Burch you keep writing these mini books. The bottom line is that you were useless and will continue to be. You voted to raise our taxes 93%. We don't need your incompetence again.

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Nov-01-13 6:45 AM

No Mr. Burch they, or their ardent supporters such a Lightswitch below, never do learn. It is their forte to use halftruths, skewered numbers, and sometimes outright lies to sway the vote. When in reality if they had done any good at all for the city when in power they would not have been so soundly rejected by the voters in the last election. So, the innuendo, halftruths, and skewered numbers continue. They now have a record to point to, and it is dismal at best, horrifying at worst. The voters have had their fill of the Road Ahead and their supporters, which should be born out in this election once again.

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Oct-31-13 10:43 PM

Why did you lose an election bid for mayor against John Sullivan by 63% of the vote.

You were appointed to city council and had the opportunity to show your stuff. Should it not have been a slam dunk. It wasn't. Was it!

You have showed little and the last individuals you are out to champion are definitely not the home owners. Unless of course you consider the 1200 to 1400 city employees who own homes your claim to fame. Tried you, didn't like you then as a candidate and don't like you now. You may be a wonderful pal just not a person I want governing. You were part of the problem not the solution and you had NO vote then and don't need to be in a position to have one now!

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