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Was Snowden a terrorist?

July 3, 2013

To the editor: Was the exposing the system in place to discover terrorist actions in and of itself an act of terror? If so, then the NSA system failed to protect even itself from attack....

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Jul-06-13 12:19 PM

It used to be our journalist that exposed corrupt government. These days it seems they are more concerned with doing what they are told as opposed to telling what they do.

I think we as country need to go back as far as George the 1st and take a real hard look at there practices and start asking questions. Perhaps arresting and jailing a few along the way. We can play the Bush/Obama blame game for the next several decades and get no where. The truth is they are all self proclaimed Gods who work for us and fail to see that fact. Bush was terrible, Cheney is just plain evil.... Obama is trying to one up them.

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Jul-04-13 2:59 PM

Wonder how DemoSocialist Dimwit Julie below would feel if her father or brother was sodomized, tortured and finally killed at Benghazi so the TRAITOR BARACK OBAMA could say that he has cured the terrorist problem? Wake up dimwit. Really Julie? How ignorant. IMPEACH/JAIL OBAMA JAIL CLINTON

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Jul-04-13 2:51 PM

It is very sad that the first half Black American President will be judged in history as the most inept, corrupt, wasteful, subversive, destructive, and divisive President elected twice because of the color of his skin rather than the content of his criminal character. IMPEACH THEN JAIL OBAMA - ANTI-AMERICAN/ANTI-CONSTITUTIONAL CRIMINAL DISGRACE-TAR AND FEATHER MICHELLE THE MOOCH

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Jul-04-13 12:24 PM

@Stevens: Any American, in any branch of gov. who knowingly gives aid & comfort to, (or in this case) critical information to an unauthorized source or declared enemy is a TRAITOR. Period. No excuses, no justification. There are many former military with high security clearances working for the government in private business. GIVE BENGHAZI A REST? Obama purposefully and deliberately let those men die so as not to provoke his Muslim allies. Then had HIS underlings LIE to the American People about what happened. The poor sap who made the original anti Mohammed video is still in jail though it was NOT the cause of the attack. Don’t blame this crap on the Republicans when the Big O spends $100 MILLION to go on a tour of AFRICA! Why is he (AND THE FIRST FAMILY) not touring AMERICA? Why is he calling AFRICA home if he was born in HAWAII? Coz he’s an African-muslim maybe?

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Jul-04-13 12:19 PM

Galt: your hatred of Perry is plain in your post. Why not use the name John Q Public, John Smith, or John Sullivan? Are you trying to defame the man becoz he continually bests you in arguments? It seems so. Tsk. Shame on you Bill!

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Jul-04-13 11:27 AM

If, for example,” FC Perry” inherited an apartment complex, raised the rents, and spent the cash spying on his tenants and one day “JulieStevens” moved in and he watched and recorded her every move, email, mail, phone calls, friends coming and going and then got caught, he’d be charged with a crime, Right? So he goes to trial and uses the NSA defense. “I was keeping you safe from terrorist!” “Have you JulieStevens been attached by terrorist?” She answers, “no”. Ok, so all is well, no crime committed. Happy Surveillance day Amerika!

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Jul-04-13 7:44 AM

To adress the questions in the second paragraph of you LTE. The answer is simple, the federal government has grown to be too big. Behemoth may be a more fitting term. When government grows to such a point it is virtually impossible for it to be monitored properly, this is an undeniable sign it has become out of control. Like a healthy rose bush, it must be trimmed back in order to prosper.

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Jul-04-13 12:07 AM

"Was" Snowden a terrorist? Is he gone? Does he no longer exist? Or did you use "was" to indicate that he's seen the error of his ways and is no longer spouting off about national security issues.

What I'd like to know is how a high school drop out qualified for the job he self-describes. And why are private contractors (think "Dick Cheney")being paid to do this work? Why isn't national security work being done by federal employees or members of the military who have passed thorough government background checks?

Benghazi? Give it a rest. If you must hyperventilate about the subject, then blame those Republicans you love so much for cutting the budget for embassy security. Really!

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