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A simple stroke of genius

October 16, 2015 To the editor: Sheriff Scott, with his self addressed envelope campaign, has provided a creative and innovative solution to the solving of problem of violence in Dunbar. more »»

‘Strong-arm’ policing no answer to the challenges in Dunbar

October 16, 2015 To the editor: This is a bad time for Dunbar. I have heard much about the police task force to find a solution to violence in minority communities. It’s seems the issue centers on Dunbar. more »»

Lambs to the slaughter

October 16, 2015 To the editor: We the masses are clearly not playing our role in a capitalistic America. more »»

Guest Opinion: Operation No More Excuses

October 9, 2015 Refusing to share information regarding the rampant violence directly and indirectly tied to the Dunbar Community is unacceptable. more »»

Candidate responds to Democratic Party mailing

October 9, 2015 To the editor: The Florida Democratic Party in Tallahassee mailed out a character bashing, despicable piece of mail this week aimed at Cape Coral voters. more »»

Current Cape budget philosophy lacks compassion; vote accordingly

October 9, 2015 To the editor: Cape Coral does not have a budget, it has a spending plan and this is how it works. more »»

Vote Carioscia, Cosden

October 9, 2015 To the editor: It’s been two weeks since the primaries and I have now had time to collect my thoughts as to who I will be endorsing in the Cape Coral General Election on Nov. 3. more »»

Vote Cammarota

October 9, 2015 To the editor: I have know Chris Cammarota for 25 years and I believe he would surely make a great city councilman for Cape Cora. more »»

Sterilization should be condition of receiving government support

October 9, 2015 To the editor: One of the greatest economic burdens on the taxpayers of this country is the number of unsupported children that we have to feed, cloth, educate, medicate and provide shoes, backpack... more »»

Why they kill

October 9, 2015 To the editor: I don’t presume to be able to explain the workings of a mind that is deranged, psychotic, and demented. more »»

Don’t murder the bears

October 9, 2015 To the editor: Let me start by saying that I’m not a card carrying tree hugger or a poster-flashing, stand-on-a-corner-all-day-long promoting my point of view. God bless those who do. more »»

None are as blind as those who will not see

October 9, 2015 To the editor: Here we go again. The Obama administration condemns Russia for attacking ISIS targets in Syria and the backing of the Assad regim. more »»

More guns mean more violence

October 9, 2015 To the editor: Good people do not need guns. Peace loving people are begging that we stop this now. more »»

The kill zone

October 9, 2015 To the editor: The violence and mayhem witnessed at the recent shooting in Oregon once again provides us with a very interesting piece of information. more »»

Guest: Cooperative effort needed to combat violent crime

October 2, 2015 The leading cause of death for young, black males in our country is murder and in 95 percent of those instances, the killer is blac. more »»

Budget paves the way for a positive Lee County

October 2, 2015 I would like to congratulate the Lee County taxpayers and business owners for living in the best county in the State of Florida! When I was first elected in 2012, Lee County was faced with a $28... more »»

Guest: Proposed legislation designed to protect water quality

October 2, 2015 Recently, Ray Judah penned an opinion piece, Moratorium needed on experimental oil extraction, that contains multiple inaccuracies and warrants a response. more »»

Thank you for voting

October 2, 2015 To the editor: First and foremost, I want to thank all the voters who came out and voted in the Primary for John M. Carioscia Sr., for City Council, District 2. On Tuesday, No. more »»

Thank you to the voters, please come out again in the General Election

October 2, 2015 To the editor: I would like to give my sincere thanks to all of the Cape Coral residents who cast their vote for me in the primary election, making me the frontrunne. more »»

Thank you for voting, please vote again in November

October 2, 2015 To the editor: I would like to thank all of the citizens of Cape Coral who came out to vote in the primary election. Many of you know me. more »»



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