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Lee countians should urge Pendergrass to run for Congress

May 27, 2016 To the editor: Before I begin, I just want to take a moment to thank Congressman Curt Clawson, R-FL, for his service to Southwest Florida. more »»

Police Task Force is a Lee County issue

May 27, 2016 To the editor: I hope that any discussion of the Police Task Force (PTF) will include the cities as well as the county officials. The PTF is at work in most for minority areas of the county. more »»

A family affair?

May 27, 2016 To the editor: Now as the damning evidence from the inspector general's report that Hillary Clinton again lied about using her private email server for highly classified security information while... more »»

Consumers need to know the origin of food products

May 27, 2016 To the editor: Obama signed a law taking country of origin labels off foods. My thought? Plain stupid, plain damn stupid. I went to the grocery store for shrimp yesterday . more »»

To sports enthusiasts everywhere!

May 27, 2016 To the editor: As you may know, this year, 2016 is the 75th anniversary of Joe DiMaggio’s incredible feat of hitting safely in 56 consecutive games. more »»

Penitentiary politics

May 27, 2016 To the editor: “Obama’s plan to reintegrate ex-convicts into society raises crime fears.” This sounds like a good endeavor to provide a path to societal normalcy for convicted felons. more »»

Guest opinion: Congressman not ‘fixin’ water woes

May 20, 2016 In his recent opinion “Real Progress Made In Reducing Water Pollutants,” Congressman Tom Rooney suggests that this year’s wettest dry season, since 1932, has magnified a long standing grievance with... more »»

Good people made Mother’s Day great

May 20, 2016 To the editor: I want to share my Mother’s Day experience with everyone. It made my day and proved there are still very nice people in the world. more »»

Fracking Bill preempts Home Rule

May 20, 2016 To the editor: Fracking is a danger to the state’s delicate ecosystem and shallow, interconnected underground waterways. more »»

Whose America is this?

May 20, 2016 To the editor: In the recent protest at the Trump rally in California I find it criminal for not only the destruction caused by these protestors, but also appalling by those carrying the Mexican... more »»

‘My way or the highway’ mandates are an abuse of power

May 20, 2016 To the editor: We all know of chairman Mao of China, chairman Kim Jong Un of North Korea and chairman Obama of the United States of America. more »»

Should America apologize?

May 20, 2016 My family, my village, and my life have taught me to always apologize if you injure or hurt anyone or anything. more »»

What’s next?

May 20, 2016 To the editor: I sent the following letter to the White House: Dear President BH Obama, I notice you have added one additional responsibility to the aggregation of responsibilities to the title of... more »»

The Bush & Beck wrecking ball

May 20, 2016 To the editor: If the GOP suffers because of the actions of the political shenanigans of this election cycle, the body of what remains will be on political life suppor. more »»

Guest opinion: Environmental critics are muddying waters with mounds of misinformation

May 13, 2016 Throughout the year, Floridians have watched with concern as the U.. more »»

LCEC unbeatable

May 13, 2016 To the editor: It is absolutely amazing to me that anyone in their proverbial right mind would honestly think that the City of Cape Coral could do a better job at a lesser cost than Lee County... more »»

BBQ fundraiser to benefit local veterans organization

May 13, 2016 To the editor: Mantanzas by the Bay will host the third annual Memorial Day BBQ and Blues Festival for Operation Open Arms on May 28. This is an all day event until 10 p.m. more »»

A promise made must be kept

May 13, 2016 To the editor: Republican presidential candidates, every one of them, signed an absolute pledge promising to support the eventual “peoples choice” nominee. more »»

Blame the old guard

May 13, 2016 To the editor: The political cabal: “a secret political clique or faction.” Only in this case it hides right out in plain view. more »»

Police task force another failed ‘war on...’ venture?

May 13, 2016 To the editor: The war on crime and the war on drugs were both started by politicians to bring about social change. Neither of these programs have been a glaring success. more »»



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