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To poll or not to poll?

July 8, 2016 To the editor: Well, well, look at how the polls fluctuate…why...who are they polling: The same group of people? If not, polls are meaningless. more »»

Cape mayor deserves better

July 1, 2016 To the editor: Citizen input at a number of previous council meetings has reflected an outrageous display of disrespect and immaturity on the part of some speakers. more »»

Officials are failing to address the issues important to residents

July 1, 2016 To the editor: Last week’s survey in the Cape Coral Breeze newspaper had our city manager failing in the eyes of our residence here in Cape Coral. more »»

Everyone is responsible for safety on the roadways

July 1, 2016 To the editor: I moved to Cape Coral, two years ago and have become keenly aware of how many motorists do not adhere to the rules of the road. more »»

Another broken promise

July 1, 2016 To the editor: What an election year we seem to be having. But yesterday we were given another surprise: “Little Marco” Rubio has now changed his mind and will run for reelection to the Senat. more »»

Don’t believe the so-called polls

July 1, 2016 To the editor: It amazes me that in my 70-plus years on this earth, no one has asked me who I support or who I am voting for! I wonder where these groups polling people as who they support are... more »»

Know the enemy

July 1, 2016 To the editor: The shootings in Orlando were a tragedy and, just like clockwork, the ultra- left Democrats have joined hands and are marching in lock step in Washington D.C. more »»

Global epidemic

July 1, 2016 To the editor: Unfortunately, so many Americans are failing to recognize the greatest global epidemic we all face today and in our future is that of the growing Islamic Jihad terrorism movement... more »»

Button, button

July 1, 2016 To the editor: Although I am not a supporter of Hillary Clinton, I would have liked to have seen a much different report about her actions as they addressed all that was occurring in Benghazi on th... more »»

Guest opinion: When we needed it most, the world came to Orlando’s aid

June 24, 2016 More than a week ago, 49 souls were stolen from Orlando, murdered in an unimaginable act of terror. Hundreds more were injured or witnessed unthinkable violenc. more »»

Budget ‘surplus’ should not mean extra spending

June 24, 2016 To the editor: Recently, news broke that the City of Cape Coral currently faces a $1.6 million surplus above what the budget originally was planned for due to property values. more »»

Time for a change

June 24, 2016 To the editor: The city of Cape Coral did it again to the residents. The city manger got his 5 percent raise but what he should have got was shown the door. more »»

This dead horse has been kicked enough

June 24, 2016 To the editor: Please stop with the extended bar hours. It was voted down. End of stor. more »»

It is all about the water folks...

June 24, 2016 To the editor: We just need to throw all of our elected officials out and not listen to them at all. They will only lie to save their job. more »»

Anderson understands Lee County’s environmental issues

June 24, 2016 To the editor: In the last election more than 75 percent of Lee County voters approved Amendment 1 directing the state to acquire and preserve land to protect habitat and clean water. more »»

Cortese will serve tirelessly as Lee County Republican State Committeewoman

June 24, 2016 To the editor: I am endorsing Doris Cortese for Lee County Republican State Committeewoman. Doris has been in politics for the last 45 years (never running…always campaigning. more »»

The issue is terrorism, not guns

June 24, 2016 To the editor: All of the people who are crying “take away the right to own guns” should think before they ac. more »»

No way out

June 24, 2016 To the editor: It was especially lifting to see the people coming out to donate blood for the Orlando victims. more »»

Food for thought on guns and gun control

June 24, 2016 To the editor: This letter is to everybody that thinks dropping the Second Amendment or changing the meaning of i. more »»

Fight them with love?

June 24, 2016 To the editor: The Attorney General of the United States, her boss Obama, Bobble Head Hillary Clinton and the rest of the present Democratic administration have the sure-fire plan to defeat our... more »»



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