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City should give vets the same tax break as feds, state and county

January 9, 2014 To the editor: Well, it’s a new year, let’s see if the Cape Coral City Council can start us off right this year. more »»

Voters will now decide

January 9, 2014 To the editor: I was reading my email this morning and noticed a letter to the editor titled “Give Radel a chance to serve,” Cape Coral Breeze, Jan. 3, 2014, SWFL Young Republicans Board. more »»

Let’s be honest

January 9, 2014 To the editor: After reading Henry “Trey” Radel’s self serving guest opinion, I walked away with less of a favorable opinion of Mr. Radel. Mr. more »»

Fireworks folly

January 9, 2014 To the editor: There was a distressing report on the local news on New Year’s Day about the fate of an eagles nest on Marco Island. First it gave some background. more »»

Time to look out for all Americans, not factions

January 9, 2014 To the editor: How’s that Obama hope and change thing working out for all you Democrats? Hundreds of billions of dollars spent, or wasted, Obamacare causing a rise in out-of-pocket costs and... more »»

Guest opinion: Looking ahead to 2014

January 2, 2014 First and foremost, thank you. Your prayers, support and encouragement remind me just how much I love our community. While I am thankful, I am still remorseful. I let you down. more »»

SWFL Young Republicans board member leaves Republican Party

January 2, 2014 To the editor: On Saturday, Dec. 28, I announced that I was stepping down as the Secretary of the SWFL Young Republicans. more »»

Give Radel a chance to serve

January 2, 2014 To the editor: After watching Congressman Trey Radel’s response to the news media and reading letters to the editor regarding Trey’s return to work. more »»

It’s enough already

January 2, 2014 To the editor: We get the message, some people feel that Trey Radel did the wrong thing, and deserves consequences. more »»

What’s next?

January 2, 2014 What does Cape Coral have in store for residents this year? Now that the city has a fee on our electric bill and a new tax for fire services and a tax on our cable and phone bills, what is next, a... more »»

Many thanks

January 2, 2014 To the editor: As we enter the new year, the staff and residents of Juniper Village at Cape Coral would like to express our utmost gratitude for the tireless service provided by the Lee County... more »»

Health care reform and the ACA

January 2, 2014 To the editor: We have not heard much in our State of Florida about health care reform. I know that Lee Memorial Health System I and the Community Health Center are getting ready. more »»


January 2, 2014 To the editor: Today online I received a request by Joel Leitao-Butler of St. more »»

We’re doomed

January 2, 2014 To the editor: Corruption will be our demise. I should have known crony capitalism was too entrenched for profit to be diverted to home owners for the sake of earth and humanity. more »»

Be prepared

December 26, 2013 To the editor: From 1999-2012, I served in the senior healthcare network of SWFL. Recent family developments put me on the other side of the table, to speak, and I became the adult child caregive. more »»

Downtown needs to be more pedestrian friendly

December 26, 2013 To the editor: Making Downtown Cape Coral truly a Pedestrian Friendly Shopping destination: There is a desperate need for mid-block crosswalks, speed reduction through the core of the Cape Coral... more »»

Weasel words and politics

December 26, 2013 To the editor: Prior to this evening’s Fox 4 news coverage of Congressman Radel’s press conference I was going to give him the benefit of the doubt. more »»

There must be a balance

December 20, 2013 To the editor: Politicians, in order to get elected, preach platitudes, make promises, inspire us with integrity, agree to protect our neighborhoods and in general convince us they will represent... more »»

Here comes the F.A.T. tax

December 20, 2013 To the editor: Well let's see now, we got screwed with the PST now we'll get it with the F.A.T. tax. Yes the F.A.T. tax .You know it as the Fire Assessment Tax — F. A. T. more »»

Kudos to Kim

December 20, 2013 To the editor: Kim Hawk, a former member of the Lee County Soil and Water Conservation District board, and other members of that board namely, Jack Tanner and Terry Miller, voted unanimously to... more »»



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