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What additional park amenities would you like to see?

  1. Playgrounds.
  2. Sports and athletic facilities.
  3. Walking paths, greenspace.
  4. Water amenities like pools, slash pads and beach areas.
  5. An amphitheater.
  6. All or most of the above.
  7. We don’t need to be investing $60 million on parks.
  8. Other.
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Oct-21-19 8:52 PM

The recent change to even year elections should turn 15% to 25-30% of the electorate casting votes. That Reyemm is reality.

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Oct-21-19 8:50 PM

75% of eligible voters is absolutely ludicrous. Not voting should never equal a no vote. It can be said that those eligible that don't vote are content with any election result. Though we elected those Council members to make many decisions, when a decision will effect our dollars to 60 million, a referendum is warranted. You I believe are assuming if left to Council they would never approve of this. I supported the bond with my YES vote.

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Oct-21-19 6:40 PM

I believe there is a misunderstanding on what I wrote...I said "when less than 75% of the eligible voters fail to vote on an expenditure referendum then the TOTAL REFERENDUM SHOULD FAIL." I don't care how they vote, just that 75% must show up to vote one way or another. We elect council to make decisions when the electorate is too apathetic to show up to vote. Ergo..NO RESOLUTION.

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Oct-21-19 8:41 AM

Understood. Agree that the poll would better serve if it were intended to list all the options instead of all the possible opinions. (Last choice started with "None of the above." Perhaps I should have left it at that.)

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Oct-20-19 10:40 AM

Val, The option is no longer available. Money has been spent, bonds issued, to perpetuate the idea that it can be reversed is not proper.

The idea of requiring a 75% approval of all REGISTERED voters is ludicrous, considering that the percentage is rarely if ever, achieved. Show up and vote.

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Oct-19-19 8:34 PM

Cape Coral voters approved a $60 million expansion of the city’s parks and recreation amenities. The measure passed with 54 percent of the vote. The “yes” votes tallied 37,494 and the “no” votes totaled 32,475 (only 46 percent of those who voted). There were only 69,969 total votes cast.

Only 37,494 of the entire population, 150,000, of Cape Coral VOTED FOR THE BOND ISSUE. Only 54% of the total 30% who voted at all, determined that the city will dish out $60K for PARKS. The MINORITY WINS and THE CITY LOSES. The City Council FAILED in their responsibilities to be FINANCIALLY RESPONSIBLE in continuing the validity of this referendum vote.The CITY CHARTER NEEDS TO BE CHANGED TO make it mandatory that " when less than 75% of the eligible voters fail to vote on an expenditure referendum then the TOTAL REFERENDUM SHOULD FAIL." This would stop small groups from encumbering non-participating voters with usurping tax charges passed by minority coalitions.

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Oct-19-19 6:25 PM

That position lingers, hence the choice.

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Oct-19-19 10:25 AM

Why provide option G.? The voters already decided that alternative.

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