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What do you think of the city’s trip to China?

  1. I think the city will benefit. It will foster economic development and pay for itself.
  2. I think it’s OK; cultural exchanges have value and I have no problem with the city taking part.
  3. I support the sister city/economic prospect concept but think China is the wrong choice.
  4. The trip? OK. How it was handled and approved? No.
  5. I see no value. Taxpayers should not be paying for this trip, period.
  6. I don’t see this as an issue, it’s only a $17,000 expenditure. It’s time to move on.
  7. Other.
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May-17-19 10:08 AM

So much for transparency. QUOTE "The travel process, which includes applying for visas, has progressed with four of those visas, for the mayor and city staffers, issued on Friday, May 3, at an expedited cost of $1,440. Note that they were issued before the trip was brought back to Council for its consideration last Monday with changes to the itinerary and the list of those going at city expense." -- This should raise eyebrows and needs to be investigated.

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May-17-19 10:59 AM

There was no transparency last Monday night. Only those that support it knew it would be talked and voted on. It was not added to the consent agenda before the meeting. I believe it was voted on because of comments made by the mayor. Three different reasons he said for going on the trip. The one that stands out more is his personal reason for doing it now. That is not a good reason to push it through as was done. Besides that, there is a trade war going on that we have no idea what will happen.

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May-17-19 3:52 PM

Air flight fares were even in question as stated by the Mayor. That is, if anyone can believe anything that he states.

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May-18-19 8:53 AM

Eliminate the City.

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May-18-19 9:54 AM

"This visit is the beginning of a business and cultural exchange that will ultimately benefit both Cape Coral and Baise," said Mayor Joe Coviello.....WHAT A COMPLETE IDIOT!!! No wonder this guy couldn't make it in business. I would list the 100's of problems with this posture but it isn't worth the effort. I look down, shake my head, and say " WHAT AN IDIOT!!".

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May-20-19 7:29 AM

Looking at the voting results I would bet the Eco Labs folks have been directed to vote for line item a). Sad that the Mayor has to stoop to such lows to gain approval for a trip that could and should have been handled differently. Happy to see several of the rubber stamp with mayor Council members terms are about over.But in the interim folks need to show up at the City Council meetings and voice your concerns to try and keep the rubber stamp Council members in line until they are termed out and new Council members are voted in that do their homework on proposed agenda items like Council member Gunter and vote with what's in the best interest of the citizens and the City.

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May-20-19 8:25 AM

Looks like someone within our City has nothing else to do today other than to disagree with posts. Most of the posters here are not simple fools. We've had it due to the fact certain matters are not being handled properly with our hard earned tax $$$$. The vote for the China trip and items that were never on the Agenda were wrong. Very brilliant residents spoke in opposition during meetings at Citizen's Input Time. Why not listen? Several Councilmembers even had doubt. Mayor and Council do not take away some positive decisions you have made in other areas of the day-to-day business of our City.

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May-20-19 2:41 PM

Robert pretty much sums it up... Don't vote..don't get involved.. this is what you get and will continue to get..its called a politician's dream.. Sadly for those that do care...we are far outnumbered by those that never will.... This is NOT Mayor Dixie Chin's is to be expected. Question remains... Other than gripe.. Whatcha gonna do - about it?? How many more citizen be dammed mayors/councils must we endure?.. Just the idea of Council meetings at 4:30 is an insult to working residents.

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May-21-19 9:29 AM

Aren't we in an Economic WAR with CHINA? And have been for over 50 years. There isn't an American over 50 who hasn't lost their job to an underpaid Chinese worker or knows someone who has. CHINA will never play fair. The last time I sent a team to CHINA to qualify suppliers, they brought back wonderful photos of standing in front of the Great Wall. I almost got fired.

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May-21-19 11:16 AM

Legal Opinion as presented by Councilman Carioscia to our City Attorney yesterday during the COW Meeting. The replay will have to be reviewed again due to the fact it may have been twisted by not addressing the Agenda issue that was in question. If anyone left the meeting early, please listen carefully to the smart remark by our Mayor. Concerns of these magnitudes are not a standing joke!

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May-22-19 8:00 AM

Fortherecord as to your comment "please listen carefully to the smart remark by our Mayor. Concerns of these magnitudes are not a standing joke!"

Which part of the meeting did this take place and what was said?

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May-22-19 8:16 AM

LR, At the very end of the meeting before adjournment! Please read my post in the Breeze article of today.

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May-22-19 11:18 AM

The Mayor had formally tabled the discussion on China at the previous meeting.

Interesting to note that there was NO MOTION to take the China Trip from the table which also needed to be seconded and a majority Vote for it to move forward!!! This is according to Robert's Rules of Order which is clearly noted in their RULES!!!

COVIELLO does not have a clue on what he is doing!!

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May-22-19 11:55 AM

Before the meeting on Monday was getting ready to adjourn our Mayor asked if there was any other discussion. At that point he indicated we better not due to the fact further discussion was not on the agenda and due to that maybe they could get in trouble. No reason to laugh and be a wise guy. It was a smart remark. It was intentional.

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May-22-19 2:14 PM

This group of clowns is taking our hard earned tax money and then going to spend it in a Communist Country! How American of them!

Notwithstanding that we are in the middle of a Major Trade War with China!!! How American of them!

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May-22-19 3:00 PM

This mayor and Council are looking for the Communistic Chinese to get involved with bimini basin and 7 islands!!! How American of them!!!

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May-23-19 10:30 AM

Quote by our Mayor - "the city leaders are going, and it’s a done deal". -- In other words, "You peasants are footing the bill whether you like it or not. I'm the Mayor of Cape Coral and thanks to CM Stokes, you are stuck with me for a minimum of "another 3 years". 5 year terms instead of 4. Hopefully the people of Cape Coral will NOT forget this in 2022. Make him a 1 term Mayor!

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