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Would you be willing to pay an assessment or more in property taxes to pay for sidewalks or streetlights?

  1. Yes, for both.
  2. Yes, for streetlights.
  3. Yes, for sidewalks.
  4. Maybe. It depends on how much.
  5. Property owners getting a direct benefit should be the ones to pay.
  6. The city should re-prioritize existing funds for these capital improvements. Cut things not as important.
  7. No, these are ongoing budget items. The city is already addressing the need.
  8. Other.
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Apr-03-19 8:56 PM


How many times do u c sidewalks ignored? They crack and get undermined by the water and their purpose, mostly as nepotism or a quid pro quo waste of taxpayer money becomes an eyesore requiring more waste in upkeep.

Take those same tax dollars and build an asphalt bike/pedestrian path and it will be used, and reduce traffic, improve public health and the maintenance is less, not to mention the enhanced cycling tourism.

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Apr-03-19 3:42 PM

lwmjr -- What I am suggesting is that a number of serious problems are so widespread and deep in Florida generally and in Cape Coral in particular that they are simply beyond any solution the cost of which is likely to be tolerated by its citizens.

We -- like Boeing -- simply have trashed our nest.

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Apr-02-19 11:04 AM

allen - missed the point!!! Point being, this city has NO PROBLEM finding funds (tax payer funds) to entertain guests from China, send our Mayor & several city employees (compliments of us the taxpayers) on an up-coming jaunt to China, 100K for camera in the CRA district, yet they tell us that there is NO MONEY for safety measures for our children who walk to school and/or bus stops in the dark. There is NOT even a 4-way STOP SIGN at the intersection where this poor child was killed! Time to re-prioritize.

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Apr-01-19 3:56 PM

We are ChuckleHeads ALL ! ! !

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Apr-01-19 3:56 PM

lwmjr – You miss the point !

Just about everything in Florida suffers from the hands of profit-crazed developers and by the miserly, unimaginative judgment of many if not most of its citizens. .

Here are three major examples :

Narrow, minimally paved cowpaths instead of properly designed, curbed and drained streets sidewalks and highways. . Consequently, sidewalks (if any) typically occupy the swales of the roadways, and so are useless during rainy weather ;

(Newly emerging) Houses scattered pell-mell with no consideration given at all for solar electric power in their optimum orientation or efficient roof configurations;

Electric supply and distribution via unsightly, hazardous dangling wires everywhere – even in this, a land subject to devastation by vigorous and frequent summer lightning storms and by tropical hurricanes.

Just AMAZING ! ! ! . Did Boeing design Florida ? ? ?

All the while, we let BigMoney and BigAg tear up the rest ! ! !

We a

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Mar-30-19 10:20 AM

It's sad that it took the death of an innocent child to begin talks about increasing safety for our children as they attempt walk to schools (without sidewalks) or wait at unlit bus areas. This City managed to find funds for improvements in the downtown district, as well as $10,000 to entertain the China delegation for their 2 day visit, booking an upcoming trip for our Mayor + several city employees to visit China & spending thousands on camera's in the CRA district to film license plates. All the while, the safety of our children gets placed on the back-burner. Talking about misuse of tax-payer dollars!!!! You think it might be time to re-prioritize??

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Mar-29-19 8:55 AM

Considering the shoddy and careless manner in which most of our streets have been designed and engineered, installing sidewalks is usually just silly and futile.

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