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How do you weigh in on the Nike ad/Colin Kaepernick controversy?

  1. Good ad; good for Nike.
  2. It’s an ad, so what.
  3. I’m appalled; I won’t be buying or wearing Nike products.
  4. There’s no such thing as bad publicity; Nike is just capitalizing on this issue.
  5. My concern is businesses making political statements. They should not.
  6. This is not an issue for me.
  7. Other.
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Sep-07-18 10:33 AM

Have to wonder why Americans or anyone not mentally ill or eaten up with hate..would support a football company/shoe company (Both making billions off Americans) A shoe company that chooses to use a 4th rate player, spoiled brat racist that supports killing cops and proudly wears socks in plain view to back his statements about the "pigs".. to set an adult example for youngsters of all their poster boy?.. Next time someone agreeing with Colin The National Disgrace (& supporting black lives matter - chanting in your street, PIGS! How do we want em?? DEAD!!)Next time they have an emergency, a murder, rape...Call Colin. Anyone supporting this genius should look in the mirror and ask, why am I supporting a 3rd rate racist that proudly supports killing the police? Shame on you. Colin the genius carrying on the "legacy" of The Great Divider, Barack O'Sharpton Obama.

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Sep-10-18 4:26 PM

Interesting to note Nike has problems paying workers in Indonesia a "living wage". Vietnamese & Thai workers make your Nike's for a reported 20 - 50 CENTS an hour. Not long ago Nike was fined 1 million for not paying a reported 600,000 hours of overtime to its (slave labor?)employees. In Pakistan 10 year olds working making footballs. Pays slave labor wages in some counties or withholds pay, a terrible human rights record and uses an outspoken USA hating racist "genius" that supports killing our police, as their poster boy. Nike, the logo of shame.

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