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1820 days ago.
by thewholetruth

Let's Hear Thoughts on the UEP

Ok, now's your chance, pro or con, let's hear your thoughts regarding the UEP.


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Well, we now know that this post by NOVEMBER was BS!

Posted 1820 days ago.


Mostly Renters now after the meltdown, neighborhoods are not the same SW 6/7, general sate of decay. Lots will go back to the City for thier friends to by at dirt cheap prices and make a boat load of money in the future. Many homes for sale or in foreclosure. Yup, prefect timing for takeover by Council, when they really need to fix the UEP problem and remove the water plant UEP customers rates and put in on everyones tax bill, it is City infrastructure!

Posted 2564 days ago.

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