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County and city politics

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Cape Coral City Charter

Posts: 0 - Charter Review Committee meets on Thursdays in 220A and is deciding what changes the government wants to make to the city charter.

Utility Expansion Project

Posts: 0 - With the utility expansion project wrapping up in Southwest 6/7, what has been your experience?

639 days ago.
by anticorp

Posts: 1 - With the News-Press seemingly dying this is another place for people to comment. Schools take the most of the tax dollar. It is time to keep them in check.

644 days ago.
by anticorp
Welcome N-P Orphans

Posts: 1 - Let's see if we can get our forums back here at the Breeze.

675 days ago.
by 1sandy
is deile acting like a "sore loser" since the election?

Posts: 1 - Its starting to be a humorous ordeal, with the whinning letters,the former candidate/councilman has been spinning.he doesn't get it that we don't care.

729 days ago.
by November
Let's Hear Thoughts on the UEP

Posts: 1 - Ok, now's your chance, pro or con, let's hear your thoughts regarding the UEP.

1272 days ago.
by OhPoop
What do you think of the General Election results?

Posts: 0 - The voters have spoken. What do you think the election results mean for the city of Cape Coral?

1317 days ago.
by swirly
Welcome Disgruntled Malcontents

Posts: 0 - Since the N-P has fallen under the spell of "the King and Rags", let's try this forum for a change

1423 days ago.
by TaterCC
It's nice at the top

Posts: 0 - In the current climate of salary cuts within city government it has gone without fanfare that there are those in upper management positions who have actually just been blessed with a raise in pay.