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By whose authority are religious memorial markers allowed on roads?

March 27, 2020
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Can anyone tell me why religious icons are proliferating on the medians of our roadways? I've been asking this question to the Mayor, the City Attorney and the City Council since June of 2019, and have yet to get a straight answer from anyone, matter of fact to get any answer. These icons are memorials that mark the scene of a fatal car accident, however they are on public property and according to my sources people within the Transportation Advisory Commission their placement is allowed as long as they are being "maintained." This can be construed as being kept in place for an indefinite period, since it is obviously not the families who are maintaining the landscape around them but the taxpayers of this city,

I petitioned the head of the TAC-via email and snail- mail to give me further information on that decision as my right under the Florida Sunshine Policy, wishing to know who made that decision. But, I found that my email was blocked by the office of the Public Works Director, and the letter was ignored.

There is case law (Supreme Court) concerning the placement of religious symbols on public property, but as of now my biggest question is, where does a public official(s) -- including the City Attorney -- get the nerve to block communication or not answer the questions-of a law abiding citizen seeking information from a public entity?

Philip Abbondanza

Cape Coral



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