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Country before party

December 6, 2019
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Sen. Rubio, Rep. Rooney and Sen. Scott, would you please explain to me why the Republican Congress chooses to support Vladimir Putin's agenda. Could you?

Any time you guys and gals want to stop by planet Earth and support our country, The United States, would be appreciated and even patriotic if not NOT treasonous.

Please join the part of our country that supports law and order and morals and truth by voicing your condemnation of "Devious Donald."

Make "Moscow Mitch" and "Devious Donald" have to accept consequences for traitorous activities.

You need to voice it, not just think it.

Leadership can rule in a Party that's lost its way.


Lee Eitutis

Cape Coral

Editor's note: This letter has been replaced with the author's original version. The previous version had been edited by an outside party prior to submission.



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