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Environmental protection is a bipartisan issue

December 6, 2019
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

I wanted to respond to Mr. Brennan's letter to the editor concerning Republicans and their views on the environment.

The letter writer falsely assumes that conservatives do not care for the environment. Though certain right wing demagogues falsely claim anthropogenic global warming is a lie or a conspiracy, many conservatives agree with scientific consensus. Our argument is that free markets, not government intervention, is the solution.

He decries us leaving the Paris Climate Accords though even climate experts agreed it was quite useless. Meanwhile, the U.S. has significantly reduced its greenhouse gas emissions, and no longer occupy the top polluter spot. This was done without international agreements.

I am a millennial, so the issue of global warming directly affects my generation. And I am still a conservative, because conservatism is about conservation... conservation of the Earth God gives us.

It was Republican Teddy Roosevelt who brought us national parks. It was Republican Richard Nixon who formed the EPA and signed anti-pollution legislation. Even now, at the state and local level, conserving our environment is a top priority for Republican administrations.

So let's dispel of this incREDible notion that only Democrats can solve a global crisis. This is a bipartisan issue.

Sean Hartman

Cape Coral



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