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Another party politics parade

November 21, 2019
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Absurdity prevails in the Democratic/Fake News attack in Congress. As I watched, I had to shake my head. Why are the Democrats wasting their time? Of course, it's all about the coming election.

I watched the former ambassador Marie Yovanovitch interviewed and she related the sob story about losing her job after Trump became president. One congressman spent his whole allotted time saying what a wonderful person she was and how unfair it was for her to be let go. If I was a Democrat I would have been in tears.

It is common practice for Presidents to change ambassadors, particularly after following a president with a totally different philosophy as in this case. Obama fired every one of Bush's ambassadors. The common term used is that you serve at "the president's pleasure." He has no obligation to keep anyone and can let them go for any reason.

Then we learn that she has never spoken to the president or the secretary of state or many others involved in the dealings with the Ukraine. She was gone before the famous telephone call that Trump had with the Ukraine president. She has no firsthand knowledge. This was supposed to be a very important witness. It was obviously another sympathy effort for fake news to broadcast.

Without fake news hyping the so-called impeachment attempt to change the election results of 2016, this performance would be laughed off the stage.

Just as we have seen for the last three years, the next witness is going to be the one that causes Trump to lose his job. For three years every time I tune into one of the fake news channels, they interview another "expert" who tells a convincing story (all speculation) how this is the end of Trump. Trying to sell the voters on an ambassador getting fired unjustly exemplifies the desperation of the Democrats.

Perhaps the biggest threat to our elections is not Russia but the Democrats trying to overturn the last one. We could write a book on how Obama governed major violations of our election laws. His identity politics was a strategy for power, not a strategy for America. The Republicans, like grownups accepted the loss to Obama. The Democrats and fake news can't accept being defeated from a sure-fire victory for Hillary. How much is this costing Americans in unresolved problems that Congress needs to address? The Democrats are obviously not in Congress to work for Americans but for their party to regain the Senate and White House.

John A. Benedict

Cape Coral



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