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Kangaroo court hopping to false conclusion for impeachment

November 1, 2019
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

In the impeachment hearings that are in progress note the connection between the Democrats and fake news. First of all, the questioning of the "witnesses" is going on behind closed doors so the public cannot see or hear what is happening. Republicans are not allowed to question the "witnesses" or qualify them. This is typical of a kangaroo court (disregarding legal and ethical standards) as you would find in China or Russia.

Although the hearings are confidential, the "leaks" to fake news are reporting how shocking and informative the witnesses are. No kidding! Congressman Schiff, who has dedicated himself to impeach Trump right after the election is leaking information that is justifying Schiff's case. That doesn't take much skill when democracy is left out.

The Democrats made many promises in 2018 when running for election, but are spending their time trying to impeach the President. Infrastructure improvements and health care reform was their biggest items and they have produced no legislation on those issues and I have not heard them discuss those issues. While they take their revenge, the country wonders if their promises were just election rhetoric.

The ethical legal special counsel found nothing so maybe the Democrats can find something without the encumbrance of democracy. Is this America or China? What country am I in?

John A. Benedict

Cape Coral



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