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Politics, guns, drugs and whose deaths seem to matter

September 6, 2019
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

The shootings continue and each time there is more discussion on the need to curb guns through laws and regulations. I am not a gun person but question the political firestorm that ensues.

Focusing on guns seems to be majoring on the minors while the majors should be leading another band.

In a recent shooting, seven were killed by a mentally unstable person; the same number were murdered in Chicago Saturday and Sunday past. Almost one person is murdered in Chicago every day and that is just one urban area. Black Lives Matter has been successful in the campaign against police but the fallout is a greater loss of black lives. After BLM interjected itself in Baltimore, the murder rate went up to record levels.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, 47,000 people died of opioids last year. That is over 125 people per day. But opioids have much more collateral damage since hundreds of thousands become addicts and cannot function normally, affecting families, jobs and health.

Some believe that the drug companies only repackaged hard drugs so they could get FDA approval and the medical profession could prescribe it like candy. We now have hard drugs that are in nice little pill bottles sold by very profitable drug companies, distributed by even more profitable drug distributors and manufactured by pharmaceuticals that are enjoying absolutely absurd profits. Hard drugs have hit the big time and become legitimate, except when drug dealers get their hands on them.

Shootings are reprehensible and should receive our undivided attention but what about opioids that are killing 47,000/year and creating dysfunctions for hundreds of thousands? Where are the politicians that should be majoring on the much more dangerous problem of opioids? How many times have you heard a politician mention it? Could the shooting rhetoric be a politician's way to take advantage of a bad situation to capture an identified special interest voter? No, that couldn't happen!! Could it?

John Benedict

Cape Coral



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