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Record speaks for itself

August 23, 2019
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

A letter to my neighbors on our water & DeSantis:

My family first moved to Florida in the 1970s. We lived on Fort Myers Beach. I remember when the waters were blue and clear and full of life. A year later we moved to Cape Coral where I still have my home today. I remember when our dock walls were full of hundreds of crabs. I remember visiting friends who lived along the clear tea colored waters in the Cape throughout the '80s. My father won the Tarpon Tournament at Cape Coral Yacht Club. His tarpon and award hang in the Cape Coral Museum. Life by the water was happiness, until now. When I returned to Florida, I noticed something was very wrong with our local waters. When Lake Okeechobee was being released to prevent the dike from bursting, black nutrient- laden polluted water flowed into our canal, killing everything - dead fish, dead manatees, dead dolphins; the fallout these past couple years. When I last took my mother to the beach, there was a toxic algae bloom and she could not breathe. When I was a kid, we NEVER had toxic algae blooms here. Sanibel's waters used to be crystal clear sparkling blue every day. Think about it.

This week Gov. DeSantis spoke at a "Clean Water Summit." For this reason, I'm writing this letter to all of you, my neighbors, local business owners, fishing families, snowbirds and retirees.

I've been fortunate enough to travel and spent some time in other tourist economies known for water. In one area I lived for a few years, the Hamptons, voters, our brave Baymen and business owners who depended on tourism were careful to scrutinize the voting records of anyone running for office and if they didn't vote for the waters - they got booted out, even if they were Republicans.

DeSantis - the Facts

Current Governor DeSantis voted against water and environment the ENTIRE time he was in office 162 times!

Current Governor DeSantis takes money from what some say is the largest polluter of U.S. Waterways, Koch Industries.

Current Governor DeSantis took money from Big Sugar and then LIED about it to voters during the election, while the company lobbied South Florida Water Management District and WEAKENED Water protections.

Current Governor DeSantis's own Republican Party sued in 2015 to avoid enforcing The Clean Water Act in Florida when the EPA tried to step in and clean up our waters. He said nothing and he's done nothing to undo that damage. The man who spearheaded that got elected Senator.

Current Governor DeSantis was trained on what to say to voters during the election by a man with an F voting record on water who tried to abolish the EPA-Gaetz.

Current Governor DeSantis received money from The Chamber of Florida while running for office, and that money came from Big Sugar. So you have a "water summit" that is influenced by a corporation that weakened our water protections.

I don't even think our local Florida Realtors realize that Big Sugar gave to their PAC to influence the election and who was endorsed despite their record on water which results in pollution that is weakening property values.

Current Governor DeSantis backs Trump who weakened The Clean Water Act across the nation.

Every republican in the state of Florida currently has an F voting record on water according to the League of Conservation Voters Scorecard which analyses how they vote on legislation.

Common sense indicates that having the Republicans in office is killing our wallets, our waters, our tourism, our fishing industry and our health because they are not enforcing strong protections to prevent water pollution at the source. My own 4-bedroom, 3-bath home on the water took a $100,000 dive in property value after the toxic algae started.

Will we continue to reward incompetence and those who are snake oil salesmen more crooked than a corkscrew?


Floridian since 1977

Cape Coral



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