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Appointment process cost Lee County a statesman in the making

August 16, 2019
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

This letter is for Christin Collins, who wrote a guest opinion that appeared in your paper.

Thank you for sharing! It is important for all to understand how the political process works. Based on your eloquence and demeanor, it appears that you would have made a wonderful county commissioner. Alas, you were too honest and open to garner the respect of those in charge of the local Republican caucus.

Personally I am a registered Independent, but I have always leaned towards liberal ideals. I like to think of myself as a conservative liberal. My vote is based on the relative merits of the person or issue. I have supported many Republicans in the past. Heck, I even voted for Nixon.

I find your narrative to be sad and depressing because it outlines how the political process has come to work in the Republican party. Tow the party line or step aside. There is no place for honesty, compassion or differing opinions on moral issues.

My grandfather, whose was a staunch Republican had a plaque in his home that said simply, "A Politician looks to the next election, A Statesman to the next generation." The current "Politicians" in charge of our state and most of the country have fallen from the light and are pursuing the dark side of politics. You and others like you, who want to be statesmen, need to break free and save this county, state, country, world and current Republican Party from self destruction.

Rocky Steimle

Fort Myers Beach



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