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Drug crisis crosses all demographics

June 21, 2019
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Here we go again with Mr. Lewis Robinson's racism rants in his letter to the editor, "The face of addiction has changed."

His classic statement being, "Should there be an apology for introducing a crime bill in a country with such a racist white supremacy attitude."

This bill was backed by both Democrats and Republicans as well as the Congressional Black Caucus. In reality, prosecution and length of incarceration for these drug crimes was very much based on habitual offenses at the state and local levels for these dealers and distributors. Federal prosecution dealt with the high-end dealers and distributors.

Again, the claim was made that this bill led to the destruction of minorities' communities and families was alarming. Unfortunately, much of this destruction was from lack of parental guidance and moral compass in the communities that opened up this drug-dealing entrepreneurship.

This is not just a minority problem. This drug problem crosses these racial lines whether white, black, Hispanic or other. If this is to be addressed, it should deal with the core problems that exist in our communities, and not by pointing fingers at everyone else.

Equitable and fair is dealing with these drug distributors and dealers, regardless of race, whether at the corporate or street level, with a form of "Drug Dealer Liability" that incorporates prosecution on this basis.

Trying to excuse these criminal acts and incarceration based on race really fails to correct these problems.

As I had stated before, "I have combated many challenges in life, with the hardest challenge being that of combating ignorance."

Jack Wagner

Cape Coral



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