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Listen to the people, vote ‘no’ on mining amendment

June 14, 2019
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

This is an open letter to our Lee County commissioners:

Again I make a plea to ask you to reconsider your movement to push forward with lime-rock mining in Lee County. Vote "No" to the amended plan to allow lime-rock mining near residential areas and wetlands.

I thought I was moving to paradise when I decided to retire here.

Why are you so determined to ruin the daily quality of life for the residents who must confront the added traffic hazards and disruptions from lime-rock mining?

People did not move here to be surrounded by mining operations.

I am in awe by the fact the citizens and concerned local elected public officials are not seen or heard at your public meetings. We are not invisible. We are not something you must tolerate during public comment. Any elected official witnessing that much opposition on such an important change to the environment must take pause.

Commissioner Hamman acts as if it is his time on stage to entertain by making jokes. This is not comical. Commissioners Manning and Hamman, please reconsider your support and make this next vote on June 19 a vote for the public outcry.

Commissioner Pendergrass has a conflict of interest. The Troyer Brothers, mining applicants, supported his political campaigns. Please recuse yourself.

I thank Commissioner Mann for his support for the residents.

I ask the others, why do you ignore the residents? Do not hurt us, protect us!

Kathy Dobash

Fort Myers



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