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Unanswered questions on the city’s trip to China

May 24, 2019
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

I spoke during citizens input at the Mayor and Council Meeting of May 21 to ask the following questions:

You voted on the China trip last week that was not on the agenda nor was it added to the agenda at the beginning of the meeting. The people speaking at Citizens Input from Eco Labs appeared to have prior knowledge that the Mayor would bring China visit up to a Vote.

Eco Labs was a major contributor to Mayor Coviello's campaign. (I got reprimanded for mentioning the name "Mayor;" he said it was against their rules!) He was bizarre, to say the least, and angry that I mentioned this! I asked which Rule and he just continued to go off on me and never answered which Rule he was referring to!

There was no notice to the public that you would be discussing trip to China or Voting on it. A complete violation of the Council Rules and Florida State Laws! YOU ignored the people's rights, your own Rules and Florida Laws on transparency!

If a citizen broke your Rules you would be hell bent for Alaska to penalize us! It happened to me last night when I mentioned the word "Mayor" and was chastised and more in front of all present; watch on the video at home and on the permanent video of the meeting.

Notwithstanding that he never mentioned which Rule he was referring to!

The Mayor was insistent on Council voting in favor of the trip and his need to go to China by the end of the month, He sounded desperate. There was no mention of how many interpreters would be needed for the trip and the cost of it in addition to all the other costs.

China reps came here and needed three interpreters.

I asked why are you pursuing businesses in China right in the middle of a major trade war?

What about all the American companies we should be pursuing? Or street lights in the north Cape and sidewalks? What about the Chinese drywall issue and how much it cost residents? And health issues it brought on! The issue of all of those poorly manufactured prescription drugs coming in from China. Recently the swine fever laden pork coming here from China causing our prices to climb and making people sick.

Four visas, for the mayor and city staffers, were issued on Friday, May 3, at an expedited cost of $1,440. Issued before the trip was brought back to Council for its consideration last Monday.

I refer you to FS 286.011 (1) Public meetings and records; public inspection; criminal and civil penalties. I will leave it to the Attorney General and the Ethics Board to decide if this action taken by the Mayor and Council was in fact legal!

Lynn Rosko

Cape Coral



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