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What we need: More Americans in Congress

April 12, 2019
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

I agree with Tom Brennan. We need more Americans in Congress to solve problems for Americans. I doubt that Congress will ever be non-partisan for we live in a competitive environment but they should compete on improving our lives instead of using gossip to make the other party seem dangerous. There are many issues to argue.

An issue that wasn't argued enough was the pollution issue that we had last year that was devastating to Southwest Florida. Gov. Scott, Ag Com. Putnam and the South Florida Water District board seemed to be in bed with the billionaire sugar industry. That should have caused them to lose their jobs several elections ago. Fortunately we have a new Ag Com. (a Democrat) and a new governor, Ron DeSantis (a Republican), and the water board has already been fired. There is hope that a new board will protect millions of Floridians instead of a few wealthy companies.

Another critical issue that everyone should be livid about is our medical system. We have some excellent doctors and other medical institutions but several newspapers have reported 60 percent of surgeries are unnecessary, suggesting a monetary motive.

Doctors are short cutting their work by prescribing toxic medication instead of giving sound advice that would enable patients to avoid the dangerous effects of medication. The rich pharmaceutical industry is basking in an environment where the government has basically given them a free rein.

We have a cancer industry that often sees a six-figure opportunity in a cancer patient instead of finding the least harmful treatment. They will even apply their expensive cut, burn and poison treatments when the patient is terminal. In a recent experience they would not even do the inexpensive immunotherapy (that is harmless) unless they have the whole nine yards. The cancer industry is ripe with opportunists.

There are many other problems to solve - Immigration - debt - education - security - jobs - opioids, etc. and these are being neglected while politicians position themselves for the next election.

Wouldn't it be great to see parties compete on how to solve these problems and then realize that it takes two to tango, draft a compromise bill that is realistic? Shouldn't improving lives for citizens be far more important than keeping a problem alive for the next campaign? Election rhetoric should be remembered and those who just use it to be elected should not get our vote next time.

John Benedict

Cape Coral



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