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Diversity… what does it mean?

March 8, 2019
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:


We hear this quite often in our world today and few of us give it any thought. It sounds like a good thing. But is it? Let's examine what takes place in order to have "diversity."

We are taught to excel in whatever endeavor we engage in. However, all of that goes to the trash, sacrificed if you will, on the altar of "diversity." No longer is excellence the criteria: now the guiding ingredient is" diversity." We have everyone, regardless of competence, in the first-place position. All groups must sit at the cherished throne of the top place; the top job.

This is all under the umbrella of fairness.


Consider this. You are being operated on by a heart surgeon that may not be the best available but he/she does fulfill the obligation of having someone that is "diverse" wearing the surgical gown. Does that give you the feeling of warm fuzzies, or, the cold chill of possible negative outcomes?

"Diversity," as a goal, is destructive to a goal of having the best qualified.

Joseph L. Kibitlewski, PhD.

Cape Coral



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