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Positions don’t pass the sniff test

March 1, 2019
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

It's easy to tell when the politicians are making the field out in back full of horse manure.

On the world stage we have Germany's Merkel. She wants to be our friend and complains that we are taking advantage of our friendship with Germany. To that the world leaders applauded her with a standing ovation.

Merkel insists that the U.S. is wrong about Iran and that Germany and Europe should be allowed to trade with Iran, just so they can keep an open eye on them. In Merkel's mind keeping an eye on Iran is making money from Iran.

Next Merkel complains that the U.S. pulling troops out of Syria is bad, because Iran and Russia need to be contained.

Merkel then complains that the U.S. doesn't want Europe to continue with the oil and gas pipeline from Russia because Europe would become dependent on Russia.

Merkel is very skilled about making money from all the problems in the world, while spending nothing on defense or helping out with world problems.

Maybe Trump figured out that the manure she was feeding us for the last 20 years was for Germany's benefit and not as a friend that she keeps telling us we are.

Leo Amos




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