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Florida residents concerned about climate change?

March 1, 2019
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

I have to comment about the front page article in the Breeze. First, understand that the earth is approximately 4.5 BILLION years old. Temperatures for the last 600 million years, as deduced by earth scientists, have been up and down numerous times. The entire global land mass was one huge mass labeled Pangea. The mass moved (tectonic plates) over billions of years and became what we see today. Millions of years from now, the earth land mass will be much different from today.

Same for global temperatures. They fluctuate throughout history. We may be warming. In 1972 Time magazine said we were headed for another ice age. You would not base climate history on a single day. Cool in the morning, warmer in the afternoon. A pattern? Why base climate change on a few centuries of temperatures? We are warming. Maybe. Do you really think government can change the progression of the earths tectonic plates and stop millions of years of warming and cooling? Are we that special of a generation of humans that we should have perfect weather? 72 degrees and sunny?

Eco-America, the force behind the article, was founded by Bob Perkowitz. Look him up. He is all in for the New Green Deal. No more airplanes, cows, gas powered vehicles, etc., as Ocasio-Cortez would like. Perkowitz is trying to frighten people about climate. Hurricanes? Sure. Florida has had them since the beginning of time. They are not suddenly more severe or frequent as he would like you to believe. There are more people and buildings in Florida for hurricanes to interfere with, but that is due to increases in population and building.

We are not headed for climate doomsday. Certain individuals and organizations are twisting the facts and figures for their personal gain. Everybody has access to information now. Sit down and question. Read all the research. Ask yourself why and who has what to gain from what they are pushing. And quit worrying. Pick up litter, keep our waters clean, drink water from your kitchen tap, and quit buying all those plastic water bottles! Water is water, and your body will process it whether it comes from France or Cape Coral. Now, take a deep breath...relax...

Douglas Madsen

Cape Coral



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