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Democrats destroying America? Party over country!

February 7, 2019
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Let's start with Obama. Let's consider "collusion." Let's not forget Obama's open microphone, and his obviously genuine comment "Tell Vladimir that I can be more flexible after the election." Seems to me to be collusion? Where was the media; never mentioned. How about Lois Lerner and the IRS conspiring to steal a presidential election by denying 450-plus conservative organization equal taxation status? Is she in prison, or enjoying her generous retirement benefits?

Fast forward to the Donald Trump allegation of collusion. We have a media that is 91 percent negative, 24/7, with universal condemnation of everything he says or does. We have the 19-month Mueller Special Counsel Investigation. We have Andy McCabe (Deputy Director, FBI), Peter Struzk (Special Agent, FBI), Lisa Page (Special Counsel and Struzk concubine), James Comey (Director, FBI), Bruce Ohr (Department of Justice, Special Counsel and fourth in command) all of whom have been proven dirty, and have either resigned or been fired in shame. Then, we have Hillary. A recitation of all of her dirt would fill this entire editorial page.

My question is, when are any of these deep state conspirators going to be investigated, arrested, arraigned, and tried for their crimes? Despite all of her stink, Hillary Clinton was afforded an FBI interview within the comfort and privacy of her personal residence on a Sunday morning.

Fast forward to Roger Stone, and this is the event that has pushed me over the edge. At 6:30 a.m, 29 heavily armed FEDs knock on his door with assault rifles, armored vehicles on his lawn, law enforcement vehicles filling the street, and two amphibious craft in his canal, to arrest him for lying to Mueller. We're talking about a 66-year-old man, sleeping in bed with his wife, who owns no firearms, does not have a permit to concealed carry, lives in his own residential home, and has an expired pass-port. Then, they bravely arrest him in his bare feel and pajamas and perp-walk him out in front of the CNN cameras which, without credible explanation, just happened to arrive on scene one hour before they beat on the door.

Let's see? Hillary?, awe hell, she's OK, nothing to see here. Roger Stone? He gets the Al Capone reception.

I am old enough to remember Ephram Zimpalist Jr, Special FBI Agent, blazing across the TV screen and saving America from the bad guys. In my career I had infrequent, and privileged opportunity to work with both FBI and ATF personnel. I spent my entire life faithfully believing that the FBI and DOJ were beyond reproach and were the agencies that would, if ultimately necessary, save America "from enemies within and without." I no longer do and, for me, that is a tragic loss.

I blame Obama, Hillary, the Democrat power brokers, bloated agencies, and the corruption that now permeates throughout all of DC. When Trump won and promised to drain the swamp they all panicked, and the above is the result. Wake up America, you have lost, or are losing, your country.

Jim Fox

Cape Coral



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