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No cause for celebration

February 1, 2019
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

I am appalled and disgusted by the recent New York law which, I understand, allows abortion up to the day of delivery. I find it unconscionable to allow a viable fetus to be removed in bits and pieces with a vacuum cleaner when a C-section would most likely result in a living human being.

Perhaps a C-section would be too heavy a price to pay for a woman who has only recently decided, in the final few months or days of her pregnancy, that she does not wish to complete delivery of a baby whom she has carried for six or more months, during which time she could have made a reasoned decision under prior law.

I suppose the next step is to offer a 90-day warranty, during which time a new mother could decide she does not really want a baby after all, for whatever reason, and simply dispose of it without consequence. After all, a newborn is not really viable in that timeframe without constant care. And, for the wealthy, why not offer an extended warranty that lasts into the teen years? That surely would solve a lot of the problems of parenting.

This new law has gone far beyond any reasonable standard. New York should be ashamed, but instead they celebrate.

William Erbrick

Fort Mye



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