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My concern for TSA workers!!

January 24, 2019
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Federal workers have been affected hard by the shutdown.

My son works for the TSA and has not gotten a check. I realize Cape Coral walks and Kia have donated money to try and help these workers.

I think there can be another way.

Donating to Harry Chapin is fine but he, for example, cannot get to any location to pick up that food because he's working! He also does not eat that kind of food.

I hope people will understand there's more to this, like he needs gas to get to work!! So, maybe they can donate gas cards for all the TSA workers, and maybe Harry Chapin can supply food cards so people can pick up what they choose to eat, not what Harry Chapin chooses to give them. This seems to be a waste of money by the people donating, though, of course, we appreciate all the kindness out there!

But, in essence, this has not helped him at all.

So I suggest gift cards for each TSA worker so they can get gas and food they eat.

I am just trying to help people be more aware of the reality of the TSA needs.

Toothpaste, toiletries - things he buys and needs with every check, things Harry Chapin can not supply.

I think it can be handled differently and it would be so helpful for those going through this!!

It's hard enough on them; let's try and help in a way that really, actually, helps them .

Working without pay is not joke.

Bills for things like car insurance are also accumulating.

He goes in every day because he took an oath to protect this country.

These guys are going without pay and working hard, We need to do more so they can feel a little normalcy in this Time of Despair!

Thank you for understanding.

Ms. T. Brown

Cape Coral



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