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Are micro cottages coming to your neighborhood?

November 15, 2018
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Please get involved. Seriously, please get involved or accept a proposed Land Development Code change that lowers the minimum square footage for residential lots and homes in Cape Coral. Some who read this may not understand the implications of such a change, so let's start with the facts. Today, the minimum living area of a home in Cape Coral is 1,100 square feet. Today, the minimum land area of a residential lot in Cape Coral is 10,000 square feet. A rewrite of the current Land Development Code includes a new section - Micro Cottage Village Development. In this new section, 600-square-foot homes and 5,000-square-foot lots are proposed to enable the development of Micro Cottage Villages. Does that scare you?

These are not "tiny homes," but they are tiny. Micro cottages are roughly half the size of the current minimum single family living area in a Cape Coral home, actually about the same square footage as a three-car garage. The proposed Land Development Code change does "cluster" these homes in 3-acre minimum areas, but my concern is fueled by the abundance of 3-acre vacant areas in Cape Coral. My other concern is the slippery slope and a potential future change to reduce the minimum area and scatter these 600-square-foot homes all over Cape Coral.

Please get involved. If you care and are concerned, contact me at and attend the city meeting on micro cottages on Nov. 26, at 4:30 p.m. in the City Council Chambers. Being mad and upset will accomplish nothing unless you get involved.

John Bashaw

Cape Coral



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