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Democrats criticize everything and contribute nothing

October 4, 2018
Cape Coral Daily Breeze
To the editor: We had eight years of the worst president ever and letter writer Charles Zajicek doesn’t understand it!! We have President Trump and he has done way more in his first year than President Obama could ever hope for even if he had another eight years. Obama is going around claiming the economy upswing started with him. Yeah, right Democratic President F.D. Roosevelt signed into law Aug. 14,1935 the Social Security Act. Truman, Eisenhower and every president since has used Social Security as it is co-mingled with the General Fund. Democrat L.B. Johnson saw the trust fund in 1968 as a golden goose with gold eggs and used it to fund the Democrat J.F. Kennedy’s Vietnam War. Donald Trump has a long list of accomplishments as a businessman and leader. On the other hand, Democrat Hillary Clinton has a laundry list of faults and, I’m sure, crimes. Under Obama we had more people on unemployment, food stamps, welfare, food and housing subsidies than ever before. More people on unemployment and food stamps than were working, which Illinois was a leader but, at the time ,was under full Democratic control. Does that work for you? I guess Democrat Obama did have somewhat of a victory and worked hard on the transgender bathrooms. I know that made me proud of him and he should have a plaque stating so. Democrats criticize everything and contribute nothing. I looked up the Democrat list from start to finish; it looked like this: Top 10 good things. 10- blank 9- blank 8- blank and same down the list. I looked at the writer’s list and the last one got the best laugh. It states economic growth and guess whose name is there. Democrat Obama. Now I have to be honest, that is a good joke. Richard Wallace Cape Coral


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