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Going strong: Goodness-to-go

Collections set for Sept. 13

September 7, 2018
By MEGHAN McCOY ( , Cape Coral Daily Breeze

Residents still have time to participate in the designated "Goodness-To-Go Day" next week by setting canned goods, gift cards, or monetary donations by their doorstep.

Initiative leader and facilitator Chris Spiro said things are going really well for "Goodness to Go," the new SOS event, which kicked off last month.

"As of about 11:30 this morning, we have had an excess of $27,000 donated," he said Wednesday afternoon.

For every $1 donated, they have buying power to turn that dollar into $8 worth of food, Spiro said.

In other words, take that $27,000 and multiple it times eight.

One of the donations came from a man, who wanted to remain anonymous for the $10,000 check he donated to the cause.

"He does not want credit. He just wants to help. You never know why these people are doing what they are doing. Some are doing what they are doing because they know hunger. Some have had success in their life and want to share it with others," Spiro said.

In addition, they have close to 100 plus stops and they are still going strong for pick-ups on Sept. 13.

"That doesn't include the businesses that are gathering stuff together," he said. "Things are ticking along very nicely."

Organizers are encouraging people to visit and fill out a form, which includes a first and last name, address, phone number and email. On Sept. 13, a group of volunteers will visit those homes to pick up the bag of food, check or gift cards they wish to donate to the cause.

"Go to the website and give, that is the key thing," Spiro said.

The beauty of the event is individuals do not have to go out, get dressed, or spend money to come to an event. Spiro said partcipants can be a philanthropist sitting at home in their underwear.

On Sept. 13, volunteers will stop by wearing a bright yellow T-shirts with the SOS logo to pick up the food, gift card or monetary donations.

"Here is the thing to remember. While we are having success in garnering these donations . . . if you were at the Caring Center today you would have seen a lot of barren shelves. There are a lot of shelves that are basically empty. You would have also seen a lobby with people in need. We never not give. Sometimes it gets tougher and tougher because we have to ration what we give until we get more," he said.

The SOS event, will allow them to do wonderful work and fill the shelves.

"I don't want thank yous. I want to raise a ship load of money and bank a bunch of food, so people don't have to suffer," Spiro said. "We do this because it is the right thing to do."



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