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The evidence is clear

August 31, 2018
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

The evidence is clear, the Republican leadership in Tallahassee for the past eight years has done everything right to bring us the worst algae blooms in history coming out of the big lake. Rick Scott replaced every member of the South Florida Water Management District with agricultural and real estate representatives. No science on the board! Is this the person you want representing us in Washington D.C.?

Agricultural Commissioner Adam Putnam's family made millions from the state when the Kissimmee River needed to be reconfigured when Opie was in Congress.

The House Representative for Lehigh Acres and North Fort Myers, Matt Caldwell, ignored the voters' wishes for purchasing more land south of the lake when he led the fight to give those taxpayers' dollars to big agricultural interests north of the lake. Imagine being responsible for polluting the public waters, then having the state pay you to help!

I was unable to find one community north of the lake with any type of fertilizer ordinance.

First we need new leadership in Tallahassee, at every level. Tell Rick and Matt and now let Adam to go work for the private businesses they've been working for all this time. Then the new leadership can stop the big money interests from polluting the water before the entire economy in south Florida is destroyed forever.

Mother Nature can do amazing things to clean up human waste, but only if we give her a fighting chance.

Dave Kenney

Cape Coral



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