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No More!

August 31, 2018
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

No baby ducks

no jumping fish

It's as if

my canal has died

Blue-green algae

pollutes Lake Okeechobee


the incoming tide

As it dies

it gladly feeds

a voracious red tide

just offshore, at sea

Neurotoxins galore

multiply and grow

we just can't

let things be

It's happened before

2016, people said

this must

never happen again

But here we are

reliving the past

so...where has

the solution been?

In the hands of those

who do not care

at all about

our ecosystem's life

As long as

tourists show up

politicians get paid

we bury and cover up strife

Now it's up to us

to be the voice

for those affected

those who have died

All the fish

the dolphins

the turtles, the manatees

they deserve to glide in the tide

We must

do it for them

and for our own future

better than before

We must clean the water

at the source

sea creatures and birds

deserve so much more

This cannot happen

we must not allow it

a mere nine months

from now

Our next rainy

season around

the bend

so, how? So, how?

I don't care about cost

I refuse

to be


Stop the flow

from Lake O.

clean it up

at the source!

Patricia Westbrook

Cape Coral



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