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NFL season already lost

August 17, 2018
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

I used to love the NFL. I so very much want to love the NFL. But only one week in to the preseason, I have written them off for another year. Why you may ask? Well there are a slew of reasons.

To start the game has become not only boring, but irritating as well. The new addition to the already excitement killing rules regarding tackling is a good place to start. The NFL has dictated that now any contact of a tackler's helmet with the ball carrier warrants a 15-yard penalty, and possible ejection from the game. Not leading with the helmet, but ANY contact of the helmet! Instead of correcting the last 15 years of excitement killing rules that has pushed many fans away; the league has literally doubled down on their excitement killing rule agenda.

The game I grew up watching in the late '80s and '90s simply does not exist anymore. What I grew up on and loved was football. What we have today is simply not. The big hit on a receiver over the middle is gone. The banning of the 3-man wedge, and pushing up of the kickoff has all but eliminated the excitement of a kick return. The QB sack, well that is gone too. Even a perfect form tackle on the QB is a penalty. The claimed reasoning for the changes is player safety. Now I am no barbarian, I do not take pleasure in any injuries. However, football is a dangerous sport. No one is forcing players to play. In fact NFL players are paid a disgustingly high amount of money to take the risks they do.

If removing the soul of the game wasn't enough, the league's anti-American sentiment is. This is not a First Amendment issue, this is an issue of a private company putting out an offensive product. Would you continue to go to your favorite restaurant if the waitress insulted you every time she took your order? Often people claim that taking a knee is not meant to offend anyone. The problem, however, is that is does. Knowing that many people perceive the act as extremely offensive, and then choosing not to change the method of protest makes the true intent quite clear.

So it looks like it will be another year of enjoying high school, and college football. I'll give the NFL a try again next season.

Matthew Allen

Cape Coral



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