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Do your research; then check the box for Fox

August 17, 2018
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Many of my friends may not be aware that a very serious decision will be made on Aug. 28 - that is, who our next State Attorney will be. Thanks for taking just a minute to read my thoughts on this issue!

I love the law, and I love my job! I am excited to go to work every day, and fight for justice. I am proud of my office's high conviction rate of 88 percent. I am proud that for six years my circuit has had the lowest crime rate in all of Florida. Each day myself and my colleagues work alongside law enforcement to ensure that the citizens of our circuit are kept safe, that the rule of law is upheld, and that people who commit crimes are held accountable for their actions.

There is a race for State Attorney in the Aug. 28 Republican primary election. For the past several weeks I've become more and more outraged at the race-baiting, false statistics, and absolutely untrue facts one candidate for state attorney has been spreading. It's unacceptable for someone running for State Attorney to engage in his kind of behavior. I need to be proud to serve under my State Attorney, I must be able to rely on my State Attorney to be truthful, and most importantly I need to serve under a State Attorney whose actions and past record reflect the platform she runs under.

Amira Fox is truly the only qualified candidate in this race. She has been the Chief Assistant State Attorney of the 20th Circuit for six years. She has prosecuted hundreds of felony trials, including many of the most heinous - homicides. She is tough on violent and repeat offenders, and believes in harsh penalties for those criminals. She also believes in Mental Health, Drug, and Veterans Courts for those who suffer from illnesses and addictions. Amira Fox is endorsed by all five current sheriffs in our circuit (including Mike Scott and Kevin Rambosk), a true testament to her hard work prosecuting criminals over a very long career. As our next State Attorney, Amira Fox will continue to protect the rights and safety of all citizens of our 20th Circuit.

On the other hand, Chris Crowley, her opponent, has misrepresented facts throughout his campaign and daily disparages myself and my colleagues. He claims we have poor relationships with law enforcement, and do not work cooperatively with them. As an attorney who works daily, hourly, with law enforcement, I can tell you that his claim is false. His allegation that we Assistant Sate Attorneys are being "forced" or "coerced" into supporting Amira Fox is untrue. I support Amira Fox because she is the only candidate with the experience, professional credibility, and ethics to hold this incredibly important position. Chris Crowley has no experience managing hundreds of attorneys, and no experience running a budget of over 25 million dollars. Amira Fox has done both for six years. Chris Crowley was fired from his prior two jobs with the State of Florida. He has no respect for those he wishes to supervise, or the hard work we put into our jobs day after day.

I am voting for Amira Fox in the Aug. 28 primaries. I encourage everyone to do their research on the candidates, and #CheckTheBoxForFox with me!

Kate Rumley




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