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Water hyacinth removal: Why?

August 17, 2018
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

I'm gonna make this short and sweet. We pay every month, if you're a resident, for water hyacinth removal from the canals in Cape Coral.

I know the reasons we pay for it because they say they choke off the water flow and such.

What I also know is that I've had several ponds both in Florida and other states I've lived and they ALL get choked off by algae if there are no plants. The fastest and easiest plant that I've ever grown in all my ponds is the water hyacinth. They look nice, get a nice flower, are easy to dispose of any excess if they get out of control and you can motor through them with a boat with zero issue, meaning the don't wrap around props.

What they have is a beautiful root system that looks like a big ol' bird feather that goes down about 2 feet under water and they suck the nitrates out of the water at an incredible rate. They also multiply the more they have nitrates.

I've had ponds that looked horrible and within days of putting in a decent amount of water hyacinth the water looks crystal clear like you could drink from it. I know the scale is different and I was dealing with a pond, not large scale, but they were also 40-plus acre ponds and water is water is water.

I'm not saying don't fix the problem from the source. Personally, I'm tired of the blame game. I believe there is lots of blame to go around on everyone. Right now, I want a fix and we can deal with the blame later. We don't worry about blame in a fire until the fire is put out.

I'm not saying this is a perfect fix but it sure beats smelling dead animal carcasses in our back yards while, at the same time we are paying the city to get rid of the natural fix!

Allen Deckard

Cape Coral



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