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The buck starts here

August 17, 2018
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Stop passing the buck. The algae problem starts with local planning. Lake O did not put fecal matter in the water at the Bimini Basin or the Yacht Club. The waters in the canals of the Cape are a breeding ground for the algae with or without Lake O releases.

City Council with the "go big or go home" attitude continues to make the same costly mistakes that have exacerbated the algae problem all over Southwest Florida and assures we will never have clean water in the Cape.

I challenge anyone on the Editorial Board or City Council to explain to the residents of the Cape how high- density waterfront development will do anything but make our water problems worse. The city should be buying up the waterfront to preserve it not, sell it off to the highest bidder.

Plans for the Bimini Basin and 7 Islands will add thousands of of boats and tens of thousands of people right on the waters edge with no useful buffers to stop the runoff of nitrates that feed this mess. The city is dumbfounded as to where the fecal matter has come from. Pretty simple, it comes from all the boats and people jammed onto tiny specks of water with ineffective buffers.

Every time it rains all the crap from the entire city is washed directly into our canals because we have built on nearly every inch available.

There is no way the city can expect to improve water quality in the canals of the Cape by constantly adding more high-density housing and boat traffic to them. The city calls it progress... yes, great progress - our beaches, swimming areas, marinas and canals have become nearly unusable even without the Lake O releases.

It will take years, if ever, for this area to regain any kind of reputation as a destination spot. The cost of the clean up, lost tourism, hit to property values and soiled reputation far out weighs any tax dollars brought in by this "progress."

The idea was to have a place where people came because of the water. Now they stay away because of the water. How is that for progress?

Stop the madness preserve our water front, our property values and what little enjoyment of our homes we have left. Leave the Bimini Basin and the 7 Islands alone add to the undeveloped water front stop selling it off.

Emilio LeDonne

Cape Coral



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