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Man up

August 10, 2018
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

It's time cry baby Chris Crowley quits whining and blaming everyone else for his own short comings. He was fired from his position as assistant prosecuting attorney because he couldn't get along with fellow workers, law enforcement, and supervisors; and he created a hostile working environment.

Now, all he can do is criticize the people he wants to replace - and provide "proper" training and leadership to those he couldn't previously work with! All his accusations about Steve Russell and Amira Fox have been proven false. He criticizes her for not prosecuting cases when legal facts aren't provided. He continually touts a 39 percent successful prosecution rate; this is totally incorrect; the fact is that the successful rate is 81 percent.

Crowley also accuses both the 20th and 10th judicial circuits of conspiring against him and accusing members of the 10th circuit of friendship with Steve Russell and blackmailing him to drop out of the race; these accusations were adamantly denied.

Crowley's past and present actions show that he is totally unfit to assume the State Prosecutor position. Should he be elected, I can foresee mass resignations of the current qualified prosecutors.

Jody Van Cooney

South Fort Myers



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