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Time to say ‘no more;’ Vote Nelson, Holden

August 10, 2018
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

The issue of red tides, green algae, hundreds of thousands of dead fish, dead sea turtles, dead manatees. and a health risk to Floridians will continue as long as we keep electing Republicans.

That's a fact!

Rick Scott has been the governor for eight years. He's allowed corporations to continue using fertilizers that run off into our lakes and rivers that cause this issue. Now he wants to be our U.S. Senator. It's delusional to think he would do anything to overcome the destruction that's happened to the Environmental Protection Agency during the last two years of the Trump administration. To the contrary, he's welcomed the endorsement and support of Trump.

Then there is Francis Rooney, our Congressional representative. He seems to be of the opinion that if he poses for enough photos of his air boat tours you won't notice that he hasn't ever, not once, voiced any opposition to the gutting of the EPA, or the practice of allowing corporate sugar growers to utilize fertilizer that runs off into our lakes and rivers, causing this ecological disaster. He's been silent on those issues, and it defies logic to think he's going to change.

If it really mattered to him, he's had ample time and opportunity to come forward and challenge these policies. He's shown no concern about the threat to our tourism industry, the threat to fish, manatees, and turtles, or the health risks to his constituents. His view seems to be let the corporate sugar industry do what they want to.

It doesn't matter to Donald Trump, his EPA, Rick Scott, or Francis Rooney if an ecological disaster unfolds, wrecking our tourism industry, and putting the health of Florida residents at risk. It's time to wake up and quit voting against your own self-interests. When it's time to vote it's essential for Florida to draw a line in the polluted sand, and say, "NO MORE!" We have two choices to confront this manmade disaster. We need to vote to re-elect Bill Nelson to the Senate, and vote for the candidate, David Holden, running for our Congressional seat.

A vote for either of the Republican candidates is absolutely a vote against your own self-interests. Republicans have created this problem, and it will be Democrats that fix it. A vote for Rick Scott and Francis Rooney will ensure that there will be more ecological disasters that will seriously put our health at risk, and will certainly negatively impact our tourism industry. It's that simple.

It's your choice, but there is no denying the gravity of the consequences if we don't get it right.

Kenny Belford

Cape Coral



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