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Lax immigration enforcement leads to too many criminals falling through the cracks

August 3, 2018
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Again we see tragedy beset the Fort Myers Police Department with illegal alien Wisner Desmaret killing Police Officer Adam Jobbers-Miller. Wisner Desmaret had an extensive criminal record as a juvenile and was arrested 16 times as an adult. Yet, he was never deported by falling through the cracks of the justice system.

Ten years ago Officer Adam Widman of the Fort Myers Police Department was shot in the face and killed by Abel Arango who had a significant criminal history and was supposed to be deported in 2001.

We all recall the case of Mesac Damas a Haitian living in Naples who was charged with six counts of premeditated murder for killing his wife and five children before escaping to Port-de-Prince, Haiti. He was later extradited back to Florida and he now sits on death row. Although, Damas showed his showmanship in the courtroom during his trial, the jurors judged him not on being mentally incompetent, but rather on being a murderer.

The commonality is that they all seemed to slip through the justice system cracks for past criminal activities by claiming "mental incompetency" as a defense.

Remember that the defense for Nikolas Cruz is that of being mentally incompetent after taking so many young innocent lives at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. Unfortunately the argument fell back on the weapon and not the killer.

Now, I am sure we will see Wisner Desmarek seek the same defense. Why not? It has secured him a stay in the United States apparently for his past 16 adult criminal offenses.

It should not take a personal family tragedy for those bleeding heart Americans to open their eyes to these continued ills we face in this nation today with illegal immigration?

It should be time to put lives of our law enforcement first and not defend this criminal behavior.

May we all take the time during our busy days to say a prayer for Officer Adam Jobbers-Miller family. We know he is now in heaven..... May God Bless You, Officer Adam Jobbers-Miller, and watch over your family.

Jack Wagner

Cape Coral



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