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Standing for the national anthem

July 26, 2018
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Expressing opinions by way of "peaceful" demonstrations is the American way and guaranteed in the First Amendment. Simply put, we, as Americans, don't, all of us; have to agree. We have the right to make our feelings known and heard by all, dissenters as well as those who approve.

However, some professional football players have gone over the line and disgraced themselves by their actions during the playing of the national anthem. The anthem stands as a symbol of our precious democracy. Through the years, our greatest Americans have sacrificed life and limb so that we can live in the finest nation the world has ever seen, while enjoying the benefits and opportunities. To not stand during the playing of this precious symbol is a disgraceful display by unappreciative idiots! What we have here are athletes being paid millions of dollars to play football, along with fans spending large sums of money to enjoy the game.

No one goes to the football field to view the disrespect of America by ungrateful players. Team owners need to put on their big boy pants and make it clear to everyone that this behavior will not be tolerated. Players are paid to play, nothing else. There should be penalties for this kind of disrespect of America and exercised without exception. Even idiots should know that you kneel at the cross and you stand tall for the national anthem.

Let's stop running scared and if football players can't respect this nation, let them move and stop polluting the United States of America with their dopiness!

Dick Kalfus

Cape Coral



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